4 Perks of Going to Disney Around Christmas Time

Disney World in Florida and all of Disney's other parks around the world are truly the happiest places on Earth. Walt Disney's dream is still living on almost one hundred years later. As one of the largest companies in the world, Disney knows how to draw people in and move them efficiently. 

1. The Decorations!

Disney becomes a true Christmas Wonderland in November and December. You have the lights, the trees, the reeves, and other various decorations that make you so ready for Christmas. The decorations are breathe taking and a sight to see in itself. 

2. It's Not Extremely Hot

If you've ever been to Florida in the summer, you know how hot it can get. In May, June, and July, it's in the 90's at least and you're surrounded by hundreds of people and that just adds to the heat. Go to Disney in December? Problem solved. It's not going to be extremely hot or below freezing either thanks to Florida's temperate climate. 

3. It's Less Crowded If You Go When School is Still in Session

According to MouseSavers.com, the first two weeks of December are the slowest time of year at Disney because most children are still in school and trying to finish out the semester strong. No one wants to miss school right before a break. Use this to your advantage and go during a time when the crowds are down.

4. Christmas Souvenirs 

You can get an assortment of ornament, Christmas ears, and other souvenirs that will surely put you in the Christmas mood. Even better, you get to bring these souvenirs home with you and remember the fond memories of your time spent at Disney. 

Consider going to Disney around this time of year, it is truly beautiful and has many advantages. 


Thumbnail image via Unsplash