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8 Ways to Prepare for the UGA Career Fairs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

In the upcoming weeks, the UGA Career Center will be hosting the Fall UGA Job and Internship Fair in-person at the Classic Center on October 6 and online on October 13 from 12 to 5 pm. For those looking to secure an internship for Summer 2022, this is the perfect opportunity to get face-to-face time with a recruiter (usually a UGA Alum!) and learn more about the recruiting process. If you are unsure where to begin be sure to check out the UGA Career Center website for more information on the career events and resources but keep reading to see 5 tips that can help get you ready for the upcoming UGA Fall Career Fairs!

Develop Your Elevator Pitch

This is the first thing you will say to introduce yourself to the recruiters so you want to make a good first impression! Remember it should be short and sweet, but still give a good overview of your name, year, major, minors, etc. You can also mention the industry you want to work in or some career goals you have. Check out the UGA Career Guide (Page 19) for tips on how to introduce yourself to employers!

Look up the Companies that will be in attendance

Use the app Handshake to see a list of all employers that will be attending either in person or online! You can read a little bio about the companies and start planning which ones you want to visit. Try to rank the companies you want to visit beforehand. Visit the lower-ranked companies first to get the nerves out and work your way up to the company you are most excited about.

Research the companies

For the companies you want to visit, be sure to go to their websites and learn about their mission, value, how large the company is, the brands/products/services they sell/provide. Try to do preliminary research so you can speak to recruiters, ask specific questions, and show that you are truly interested in the company. Also, look at the company on websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor to learn about what current/former employees say about the company.

Plan Your Business Professional Outfit

The UGA Carer Guide (Page 44) gives some tips on how to dress correctly for the career fair. You want to make a good first impression on the company and recruiters so don’t show up in your athletic clothes and bookbag. You can change at the Classic Center if needed and leave your bag outside of the room. If you are doing the virtual career fair, still dress professionally at least from the waist up!

Update your LinkedIn/Resume

Recruiters will be looking for your resume and might even look you up on LinkedIn. Be sure to keep both updated with your graduation date, skills you have, and previous experience. Check out the UGA Career Guide (Page 32) for resume examples or the Downloadable Resume Templates available on the Career Center website!

Print Multiple Copies of your resume

Many companies prefer digital resumes now, but it doesn’t hurt to have physical copies of your resume to give to recruiters. The UGA Print & Copy Center in Tate can print your resume on special resume paper. The center can get busy though so be sure to place your order sooner rather than later! Be sure to print out more than the number of companies you are planning to visit, there might be a few companies that catch your eye that you didn’t plan to go to!

Plan out Thank-You Emails

Prepare a quick Thank-you email before the career fairs so you can send them out that same day after the fair ends. This will ensure that the recruiters are reminded of who you are and may be more likely to offer you an interview in the upcoming days! The UGA Career Guide (Page 40) has a template you can use for the email. Be sure to include something “personal” from the conversation to help jog their memory (they will speak to countless people during the fair so we want them to remember you!) and also include your resume as an attachment so they have a physical and digital copy.

Prepare for Interviews In advance

After the career fairs, some companies have interviews soon after in Clark Howell Hall (where the Career Center is housed). This can be a quick turnaround for some people, so try to do some preparation in case the companies do offer you an on-campus interview. Some companies will have the interview process start later so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get an on-campus interview! School can get busy in the upcoming weeks so preparing beforehand can save you some stress!

We wish you luck and we hope you have a great time at the UGA Fall Career Fairs!

Brianna Mays is one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus at UGA. She was born and raised in Gwinnett County, GA. She is a Terry Business Student majoring in Management: Human Resouces with a minor in Spanish and Fashion Merchandising.