3 Ways to Deal With a Rude Co-Worker

In life, it's impossible to get along with every single person we interact with. Often times, we are thrown together with people we do not mesh well with in the workplace. Because it is a professional environment, it can look bad on you if you react in an immature way. However, there are many tactful ways to deal with a co-worker that you are not a fan of. Here are three ways to deal with a co-worker you just don't like. 

1. Don't Take It Personally

In all situations, we can control our actions and perceptions of the situation. This may be easier said than done, but if you choose to not let the negative comments of your co-worker bother you, then it resolves the negative situation altogether. Additionally, if you choose to not respond in a negative way, you will not be giving them the attention and reaction they are probably seeking from you. 

2. Confront Them

There are multiple ways to call out someone for doing something that bothers you without being rude. If something they are doing is bothering you immensely, it could be worthwhile to pull them aside and address the issue with them. You can do this in a non-confrontational way by focusing on "I" statements rather than using "You" statements. Often times, the person may not even realize that they are doing something to offend you in some way. 

3. Speak With Your Boss

If the situation escalates to a level that makes all parties involved uncomfortable, it could be the right move to speak with your boss. You should do this by first speaking with your boss one-on-one. They can help guide you into a solution to work out the problem on your own. However, sometimes it may be necessary to bring your problematic co-worker into a meeting with your boss. In this case, your boss can act as a mediator and even make your co-worker aware of negative consequences should their behavior continue. 

At the end of the day, remember that you won't have to work with this person for the rest of your life and that your reaction can go a long way in shaping the environment of your workplace. Be the bigger person and try to resolve your issues in a positive way.