23 TikTok Creators to Follow to Change Up Your FYP

Social media has the power to do a whole lot of good or a whole lot of bad. It can introduce you to people, places, ideas, and hobbies you wouldn't otherwise know or consider, but it also has the opportunity to cause an overwhelming amount of jealousy and comparison. An amazing aspect of social media that I believe we as humans (and our generation in particular) really relied on during the pandemic is its ability to bring us together. TikTok was a safe haven for many during those months of isolation.

Through the app, there are opportunities to interact with one another, make friends, learn new skills, be entertained, and most importantly—to laugh. Creators on TikTok tell stories, become characters, show small businesses, write skits, and teach skills. This exposure to different people from all walks of life and everywhere around the globe has increased empathy and understanding. When you follow the right people, it feels a lot like talking to a friend for 60 seconds at a time. 

Something particularly cool about TikTok is that you have some power when it comes to curating the videos that you see. If your personal TikTok has become a little negative recently or if you've gotten a little bored with your For You Page, check out this list and change things up! Like spring cleaning, but for your apps!

  1. be kind

    This girl is known for her positivity, vulnerability, encouragement, and video transitions so smooth they can only come from a film major. She also loves trying new Starbucks drinks. Her smile is contagious and her videos can lighten any mood!

  2. These videos are sure to make you laugh! 

  3. love yourself written on a sidewalk

    This TikTok creator teaches you self-love by yelling a personal pep talk right at you, and it works every time. If you need a pick-me-up on your FYP every once in a while, this is the account for you! Just make sure your volume is down. 

  4. His honesty and storytelling skills are just too good. And don't even get me started on his accent. 

  5. books on bookstore shelf

    I love following small businesses on TikTok. It's contributed to A LOT of online shopping recently. This is the account to follow if you're a reader who loves a good bookish accessory. And who doesn't love packaging videos?

  6. 6. Lizzo 

    Just like Lizzo herself, her TikTok page does it all. Get a behind-the-scenes look at celebrity life from someone who doesn't take it too seriously. Following her on the app will only make you love her more. And it'll make you want to try her favorite snack: nature's cereal. 

  7. Anna Schultz-Girls Laughing In Holiday Pajamas

    Watching Colin's videos feels like being at a sleepover with your funniest friend. He has a way of pointing out the hilariously relatable things we all experience in life. His account is sure to keep you laughing, and will probably make you feel understood. 

  8. 8. Ianpaget_ and Chris 

    These LA-based creators have shared a beautiful love story right in front of their followers' eyes. To be honest, they quickly became everyone's gay dads during quarantining, teaching us emotional intelligence and how to have fun while stuck at home. Between their pranks and Chris's daily relatable car videos, you'll quickly fall in love with the duo. 

  9. clothes on rack

    Remi's TikTok profile describes herself as a "NYC Curve Model," but she is even more than that. The stunning creator has one of those voices you can't get enough of and the vulnerability of a true friend. She creates videos of realistic clothing hauls, trying on both brands that are known to be for just one body type and brands that claim to be all-inclusive alike. She's the older sister we all need, and she does the shopping trial-and-error for us. 

  10. She's a gifted education teacher, a mother, and a member of the LGBT+ community who makes it her mission to spread good vibes on TikTok. From showing the love and respect she fosters in her classroom to telling stories and answering followers' questions, her page is a safe and fun place to be. 

  11. tik tok app on black iphone

    Now let me preface this by saying, don't be put off by the username. It's a part of their charm. These two brothers have a very specific sense of humor when it comes to the characters they create, but I have cried laughing over them. It's worth giving their account a try. 

  12. She's just so funny and she might help you perfect your fake British accent. 

  13. 13. nannymaw

    These southern characters are sure to make your FYP funnier. 

  14. We all know and love Avan Jogia from his role as Beck in Nickelodeon's Victorious, but his TikTok shows a whole new side to the actor. His funny and honest and always ready to teach curious people about the entertainment industry. He also loves to comment on TikToks he's tagged in, so do with that information what you will. 

  15. 15. salah

    "Wassup babies" is her greeting and traveling around the country in a bus is her style. Her content is changing always with her location, but her positive attitude and encouragement remain constant! 

  16. He builds insanely cool toys out of LEGOs. Enough said. 

  17. girl journaling

    Watching people journal is so satisfying and might inspire you to get creative too. These visual journal entries that summarize movies and television into art are such a fun way to unwind and create. 

  18. 18. mare_kell

    Mary Kelly is her name and "mouth acting" is her name. You'll be blown away by how she can transform into some of Hollywood's biggest actresses by just changing the way she speaks and uses her mouth. 

  19. laptop and notepad on desk

    A TV anchor who often brings her newsanchor voice home to implement into her daily activities.

  20. Jeff is an artist who happens to havae cerebral palsy. He shows the process of his beautiful creations, his creative methods of painting landscapes, and sells them on his Etsy shop. I have a piece hanging in my room!

  21. 21. dub_frost

    Phone with Tiktok & Clouds

    This TikTok mom shares her journey as a parent with two terminally ill children. She's willing to share her life on the Internet and answers any question that is not asked in an offensive way. This family has a way of making the best out of the worst circumstances. 

  22. Since the days of Crash Course, the Green brothers have been teaching us new things. Hank's TikTok page is no different. From explaining everything from why you can't eat grass to the complexities of the human body, there's always something new to learn and he is open to answering even the most ridiculous of questions. 

  23. Tiktok Account Screen & Plant

    Her hot takes on life are absolutely hilarious and oh so relatable. I just know being her friend would be so fun.  

Do some spring cleaning of your FYP and follow these creators!