11 Reasons to Love Your Naturally Curly Hair

Oh, curly hair. You’re a struggle to deal with sometimes, you sometimes don’t want to cooperate (especially when it’s crunch time), you even make my arms stronger from trying to comb you but you know what? I still love you, curly hair!

It is a bit of a hassle to deal with naturally curly hair but it’s always so worth it. Here are the reasons to love curly hair.

1. You Stand Out

You never have to worry about wanting to stand out in a crowd because your hair does it for you. It also helps when you get lost too. Your friends or family can’t find you? They know to look for the hair.


2. No More Bun Makers

Most women have to use the donut-shaped bun maker but not with curly hair. With curly hair, it makes the best top-knot bun quick and easy.


3. Weather

While other women are hiding from the rain and worried that their straight hair is going to be ruined, women with curly hair are out in the rain without a care in the world. No matter the weather, your curls will stay curly.


4. The Looks

I’m sure you’ve noticed the longing glances you get from other people on the street. The look that says “I wish I had that kind of hair”. Some people will even ask if they can touch. The answer, "NO!"


5. Washing

With curly hair, you hardly have to wash it. Even when it’s about time to break out the shampoo and conditioner, you could still probably go for a couple more days.

6. Curling Iron

Haha. When you have curly hair, you never need a curling iron. All you need is some water and some hair cream.


7. Hair Product Expert

If you have curly hair, you have been through every product under the sun to tame your beautiful locks. So, you know what you're doing when it comes to hair products.

8. You Woke Up Like This

If you leave your hair wet throughout the night, in the morning, you will have crazy, wild and yet cool curls. 


9. Damaged Hair

You no longer have to worry about damaging your hair when you leave it naturally curly. No more burning the ends of your hair (and fingers) with a flat iron.

10. The Different Hairstyles

Whether up in a bun, in a ponytail, pigtail, side braids, half updo... Basically, in any hairstyle, your curly hair is going to look good.


11. It’s beautiful

Your naturally curly hair is beautiful. Don’t let other people tell you otherwise. You should love your curly hair because it’s yours. It is what makes you unique and it adds a little something extra to your personality.

These are just a few reasons to love your naturally curly hair. Your naturally curly hair is something that should be embraced, not something that should be cut off because someone else said that it was too much or should be straightened because you don’t like dealing with it.

Your naturally curly mane is what makes you who you are, so why not embrace it? It’s still beautiful.



Cover Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash