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10 Times Jessica Day Described Your Life at This Point in the Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Finally, season five of New Girl has made it’s way to Netflix while season six is currently airing. Bless up. We’ve also finally made it to that point in the semester. The point where that resolution you started off with at the beginning of the year to get all A’s and go to class every day is completely obsolete (or is that just me?). Commiserating with Jessica Day gifs makes everything better though, right?We’ve reached midterms week which means a lot of things for a lot of different people. Common side effects include but are not limited to: not showering, greasy hair and baseball caps, sleeping in your clothes and repeating outfits, wearing day-old makeup or none at all. Not to mention all of the deranged behaviors of a sleep-deprived college student.This has to do with the point above. There’s always that one girl in class that feels the need to flawlessy contour her face and wear the cutest outfits EVERY SINGLE DAY. HOW DOES SHE WHY DOES SHE HOW. Maybe you didn’t tell her to stop trying but you sure thought about it a million times over in your head. Okay, maybe you’re just a little jealous that she somehow has her life together when you don’t, but for real HOW.

At this point in the semester, class tends to seem more optional than necessary, but not all professors post the slides online. This would be problematic except most of us know that one friend who hasn’t missed a class ever and takes notes that are more detailed then the lecture itself. You still feel that tinge of guilt as you send the text asking for the notes you missed those few times because you were “sick,” “hungover,” “crying,” “sleeping,” insert your word here.When your friends ask you to do literally anything, but you can’t go because you have two midterms, two tests, and a presentation to give all in one week. When there was no humanly way possible you could have or should have gone out with your friends but, well, you did anyway because college and yolo and “C’s get degrees.” It’s not a matter of will you question your sanity and overall adulting abilities, but when and how many times a day.Because at this point you either forget to eat all day or you can’t stop stuffing your face with pizza, ice cream, and chocolate. There is no in-between. Even if you think you’ve earned that calzone by the heavy studying-to-sleep ratio you’ve got going, that pudge around your belly and the number on the scale insist otherwise.When, in your opinion, you’ve studied your butt off the best you could with four tests in one week and you start getting your grades back one by one and none of them are above an 80. It’s fine. You’re fine.@ all professors who think a class average of a 78 is “good” and therefore, there “will be no curve.” Excuse me, what? When your parents start checking in to see how your tests went and what you got. “I haven’t heard back yet…” is really the only acceptable answer.  Good news is, eventually you will make it through. As they say, “pain is temporary GPA is forever.” Time to go find your Nick Miller, hang with your CeCe, or drink pink sparkly wine and listen to Taylor Swift. Whatever type of Jess you’re feeling. Just relax.

Hey there, I'm a sophomore at UGA and absolutely love it here in Athens. Writing, photography, coffee, and people are a few of my many passions. I'm an intended journalism major and couldn't be more excited to be a part of the her campus team.