10 Things I Learned Freshman Year

People have always said that college "will go by in the blink of an eye." As cliché as it sounds, they're 100% right. It seems like only yesterday I was moving in, trying to navigate campus, and learning how to use the buses. Two semesters later, I've learned a few things:

1. Some of the friends you make will be class friends, some will be semester friends, and others will be long-term friends

Figuring out which type of friend your new buds are helps mentally prepare you in case they don't hangout with you as much after a certain class ends or you get new schedules the next semester.

2. As an adult, you get to choose whether or not you eat a full meal for dinner every night or if you just want to snack on some particularly unhealthy food options

3. You can eat more than three meals a day if you are hungry

4. Your mission to be responsible with your time and money may not always work out

5. Pulling an all-nighter to finish a procrastinated assignment is rough but sometimes necessary

Example: Waiting until the day before to start an assignment, especially a big one like a term paper...Remember: Diamonds are made under pressure—you got this!

6. Sometimes it's okay to unnecessarily spend (small amounts of) money

College is hard. Sometimes you have to treat yo' self with a latte yo’ bought with money yo' don't really have.

7. Skipping class is okay in moderation

Listen, sometimes we just need an extra hour of sleep, more time to finish work for another class or simply need some time to have a mental break from the revolving door of readings, quizzes, papers and exams.

8. Occasionally you will not do assigned readings

Dense readings that seem to require at least a master’s degree to comprehend are just not on the agenda some days.

9. Cooking for yourself can make you more independent

This is a great way to learn how to manage your time and your money, and while your end product might still be the subject of an epic Chef Ramsey Twitter roast, you sometimes might even surprise yourself with what you can make.

10. Sometimes you need to take a break

Dance it out or watch *an* episode of the show you wish you had the time to binge watch.

When it comes to friendships, being responsible, and learning how to function as an adult, ten months away at college will teach you a lot. What did you learn your first year in college?