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Sad girl fall is upon us. Here are some of my favorite songs for when you’re in the mood to look out the window and pretend that Edward dumped you and you’re watching the seasons change. (If you didn’t get that reference, all the Twilight movies are $3.99 to rent on Amazon. I promise the whole set is worth the $20.)

Funeral — Phoebe Bridgers

Let’s start with the queen of sad music. If you don’t have at least one playlist featuring Ms. Bridgers, congratulations on your mental wellness. Honestly, this whole list should just be a track list from “Stranger in the Alps,” but I digress.

Tv — Billie Eilish

This one has BIG clinical depression vibes. It perfectly encapsulates being a person with depression in today’s ever-changing world and culture. I do not recommend listening to it before therapy, just FYI.

This is me trying — Taylor Swift

You know what Taylor, this really is me trying. This Folklore favorite reminds me that I have nothing under control, which is a super cool and fun feeling. So, thanks for that Taylor.

Coming Back to me — Leith Ross

Leith gives us a little bit of a happy cry on this one. It makes me feel like happiness can be a learned skill. Plus, we get really sweet audio of Leith and her grandfather that always makes me sob because I love my grandparents more than life itself.

I’ll never Love Again — Lady Gaga

If you haven’t seen “A Star is Born,” go rent that immediately and then come back to this article. Now that you’re back, there’s nothing else I can say that will help heal your shattered heart. You can relive that heartbreak with this song from the absolutely phenomenal movie soundtrack.

Off the table (with The Weekend) — Ariana Grande

Thinking about Ariana writing a song after the death of her ex and calling off her engagement makes me so emotional. Not only did these things happen to her, but she now has to ask herself if she can ever love again. If that doesn’t make you tear up, this article is not for you because you have no soul and have never cried in your life.

urs — niki

I included a song just for my girlies who have been in toxic relationships. If you still are in a toxic relationship: dump them. This is not a song you want to relate to.

Liability — Lorde

If you’ve ever felt like a burden, get ready to bawl. This song is a perfect representation of universal human emotion. There’s nothing like finding a song that matches your feelings exactly, and this one has been there for me through thick and thin.

NIco’s REd Truck — Dijon

If you’re a sucker for nostalgia, this one will get you good. It makes you think of friends that you’ve grown apart from, which absolutely ruins me. BRB, calling all my elementary school friends.

Moon river — Frank Ocean

I can’t really explain this one. It’s just so beautiful that it moves me to tears. This one, like “Coming Back to Me”, is more of a happy cry.

Just a quick PSA to my friends and family: this is not a cry for help, I just like crying to music. Also, if you want to quickly add any of these songs to your playlists, here is a link to a Spotify playlist with all the songs.

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