10 Relatable Moments About Being Single as Told by 'Friends'

You don’t realize how many people are dating until you are single. Maybe you just got out of a relationship or have been single pretty much your whole life. Here are 10 relatable moments about being single as told by Friends!

  1. 1. When You JUST Broke Up with Someone and They are Already in Another Relationship

    We all move on in our own ways at different times, but how did they find someone that fast?! 

  2. 2. When Your Crush is Not Picking Up Any of Your Subtle Hints

    You have your heart set on someone new, and you want them to like you back. The flirting you are doing is not working out. Why aren't they picking up what you are laying down? So frustrating!

  3. 3. When You Do Something Stupid in Front of Your Crush

    It always seems like the worst things happen when the right person is looking. You do something embarrassing in front of your crush, which probably isn’t that bad, but in the moment it seems so much worse! All these thoughts are running through your head. Will you ever find love?

  4. 4. When You Have to Ask "Why Don't You Like Me?"

    So completely-overt flirting isn’t working and you don’t understand why they haven’t asked you out yet. You start wondering if there is something wrong with you.

  5. 5. When Your Man Who Isn’t Your Man Starts Flirting with Someone Else

    This one hurts. After all the flirting, your crush is clearly feeling someone else. We are going to pretend like we aren’t screaming internally. We are fine on the outside.

  6. 6. When Someone Asks Why You Don’t Have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

    Obviously, if we knew the answer, we may do something to change this. Why do people keep asking?!

  7. 7. When You Get the Motivation to Glow Up and Show Everyone

    It’s time for some changes. We call this a post-breakup glow up even if you never dated that person. You may change your hair, your style, your makeup, whatever makes you happy. You will make them regret not appreciating you.

  8. 8. When You Try Out Bumble, Tinder, or Another Dating App

    It’s time to get out there and date! Take your mind off of being single. Hop on Bumble, maybe Tinder. You quickly match with someone, and after the date, you feel worse. Believe it or not, most of these people don't want a relationship.

  9. 9. When You Feel Like You Will Be Single Forever

    The sad feeling that you are hopeless at finding love (#foreversingle)! Everyone feels this way at some point.

  10. 10. When You Realize that Being Single Isn't Actually a Bad Thing

    The moment when you come to terms with being single is truly liberating. No resentment or anger. You finally feel comfortable with being single. Time to learn to love yourself and create your own happiness instead of relying on a significant other.

Being single is not a bad thing! The right person will come along and most likely comes along when you get comfortable being single. You may even enjoy being single so much that relationships are no longer what you look for! In the meantime spend time with friends and family and you will be feeling happy in no time!