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10 Quick & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

1. Cowgirl

Simply grab jeans or jean/white shorts, a flannel shirt and your cowgirl boots. Don’t forget to braid your hair in two. Cowgirl hats are also great to have. 

2. 80s fitness instructor

Wear leggings (preferably bright ones) and put your most neon workout shorts over them. Add leg warmers if you have them. Then, get your brightest shirt or sweatshirt, and cut it to the point where your shoulders show some. Put your hair in a high ponytail and add a scrunchie if you have one. 

3. Minnie Mouse

Wear a red dress, cut out white circles from computer paper and tape them to the dress. Or wear a red or black top, and black or red shorts/skirt and do the same to the top/bottom. Wear mouse ears, ideally with a bow. Don’t have them? Make them from a black headband, tape. cardboard and black fabric or paper. Bonus points if you can find someone to be Mickey!

4. Risky business 

Simply wear an oversized oxford white shirt, sunglasses, no visible pants and white, knee-high socks. 

5. Ancient Greek 


Use a white sheet and wrap it as a toga. Add a thin belt and other cool accessories if you have them. Wear ancient looking sandals to complete the look.

6. Rosie the Riveter 

Long sleeve denim or blue top, sleeves rolled above elbow. Wear jeans and a tie hair back with a red bandana and bun if needed. 

7. Nerd 

Simply find some cool nerd glasses, a button-down shirt, some shorts or pants, and suspenders. You can make this funny or sexy, your choice. 

8. Baseball or football player 

For baseball, wear a shirt/jersey, a baseball hat, eye-black, and some shorts (you want to look cute too)! And don’t forget the high socks. For football, do the same but lose the baseball hat. 

9. 1(01) Dalmatian(s) 

Simply add lack spots to whatever white you have one. Ears are great. And so is a spotted eye (use dark eye shadow). This works great with a group or by yourself. 

10. Police officer 

Wear a plain top with blue jacket or vest over it. Wear sunglasses, black pencil skirt or shorts and make sure your police badge is visible. If you have more to go with your costume, great, but this is a great last minute strategy.  

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What will you be dressing up as this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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