10 GIFs That Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit

In case you aren't in the holiday spirit yet (or if you're looking to amplify that excitement), please enjoy these 10 GIFs that will definitely feed your November and December energy. It is never too early to celebrate the season.

  1. 1. This delicious mug of hot cocoa

    Look at how that beautiful, toasty, delectable elixir drizzles its way into that mug. Almost makes you want to get up and make your own mug, doesn't it?

  2. 2. This fluffy pupper sliding around on some ice

    Even if you don't live somewhere that gets snow, you can live vicariously through this happy dog.

  3. 3. These baskets of cute Christmas kittens

    They look so soft... and so sweet... and so festive!

  4. 4. This iconic scene from Mean Girls

    No, it's not a Christmas movie. But you have to admit that this scene was pretty festive.

  5. 5. This GIF from the original Grinch movie

    I promise that this GIF one hundred percent brought you back to your childhood.

  6. 6. This heartbreaking moment of Rudolph

    If this didn't make you sniffle as a child, you're lying. 

  7. 7. This super festive french bulldog

    Look how cute he looks all dressed up! With all of the lights and ornaments!

  8. 8. These enchanting holiday lights

    Just watch how they dance so elegantly across that house...

  9. 9. This intricate gingerbread house

    You know you want to try to make one that good, and it will probably never happen.

  10. 10. This Christmas tree decorating time lapse 

    Once Halloween passes, it is NEVER too early to put up your tree.

Enjoy, and have a happy holiday season!