Your Perfect Summer Outfit, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

With spring in full swing and summer on its way, it may be time for a wardrobe overhaul. The transition from winter to spring style can be difficult if you don’t know  exactly how you want to change your look, so why not try an outfit based on your astrological sign?

These looks were created in Polyvore, based on traits and descriptions of the signs from an Allure article by Aliza Kelly Faragher.

1. Aries

As the first fire sign and leader of the zodiac, Aries signs are always ready to take charge. A simple white tee and some perfect-fit jeans will let them do just that, while still looking polished. Add in some bold red accessories and details to make the outfit pop.

2. Taurus

This outfit includes a crochet top and some loose-fitting jeans, which comfort-loving Tauruses will love. The pops of green are, first and foremost, trendy and fun, but also represent their earth sign status.

The books in this set are just props, but The Flower Encyclopedia and How to Disappear are perfect for a Taurus who just wants to spend a peaceful day in nature.

3. Gemini

According to Allure, the Gemini sign is based on a being that had so many different interests and pursuits, it split in two just so it could achieve them all. With that in mind, go for a simple outfit that won’t slow you down, like this button-down and jeans combo. Top it off with a backpack-style purse, so you can be ready for anything.

4. Cancer

Cancers are famously in tune with their feelings, sometimes even to a fault. Don’t stress -- throw on a pair of flowy wide-leg pants and a tied-up top for an outfit that’s easy and breezy. Sport this adorable tote that says “everything’s gonna be okay” as a reminder for when you get caught up in your feelings again.

5. Leo

Leos love attention, so a red dress like this one is sure to be a hit. Turn heads with this bright little number, and dress it down just enough with a denim jacket and some white sneakers.

6. Virgo

Virgos are known for being practical and logical, so try on a pair of wide-leg pants and a coordinating neutral top for an outfit that’s both comfy and cute. Pair it with some low heels which are as sensible and super cute as you are.

7. Libra

Libras are sweet, little air signs who love beauty and balance in their lives. Try a free-flowing sundress that will make you look as pretty as you feel. This outfit is perfect for a day spent in an art museum or reading poetry outdoors.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are kind of the baddies of the astrological calendar, so this shirt is definitely appropriate. Layer a white tee over a black bra and get yourself into some black, heeled boots to show you’re a rebel who’s too cool for the rules.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittariuses are fire signs, so they’re known for always being pushed to learn new things. Slip on a sleeveless sweater and some clear aviators to show that you’re smart,style-savvy, and ready to explore new trends.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are earth signs, but they’re represented by a mythical creature called the sea goat, which is part-goat and part-fish. They’re skilled navigators, so this look is partially inspired by sailors. Pair a breton striped top and with some jeans and a black captain’s hat for a look that says, “I know where I’m going.”

11. Aquarius

Allure describes Aquarius as “the most humanitarian of the signs,” so they’ll love this feminist-inspired shirt. Pair it with jeans and white sneakers for a look that’s comfy and cute, and throw on a blazer to make it a little more interesting.

12. Pisces

Pisces is the last sign on the astrological calendar, and they float somewhere between their dreams and reality. Try a silky slip dress that’s as free-flowing as you are, with some chunky boots to keep you grounded.

No matter your astrological sign, all these signs know unique and beautiful fashion like the back of their hand. Try out these colorful combinations and have your style shine as bright as the stars!