Your Next Netflix Binge Based on Your Personal Style

There’s that time during every semester where you get in a slump on what to watch on Netflix. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. How do you narrow down your next binge when there are so many TV shows on Netflix?

You can start by figuring out what you would define your personal style as and then check out my picks below based on your style! I have watched all these shows (most of them in a time-span I am not proud to admit) and can make recommendations to narrow down the ever-growing list available on Netflix.


If you would describe your wardrobe as reliable and made up of basic pieces that match almost all of the clothes in your closet, then I have some shows for you. You don’t need a show that has too much of a cult-following because you are pretty happy with the essentials as it is. Just like a great white V-neck that you wear three times during the week, you need a show that you can easily turn on and not feel too invested in. I recommend The Crown, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy or Mad Men for your next Netflix binge.

All these shows have easy to follow storylines and you don’t have worry about them taking up too much of your time. You can even pick up in the middle of a season and not feel too lost. I love that all these shows have quite a few seasons, so you can take as much (or as little) time as you need to watch them! If you are a minimalist, you just need a reliable TV show that is going to give you laughs (or sometimes make you cry) when you need it!


This next style is probably the best one to make TV choices. You are a free spirit and probably bought into some trends that your friends have tried to talk you out of. You’re all about standing out and marching to the beat of your own drum. So why not binge a show that will give you all that and some style inspiration too?

I recommend watching Girl Boss, Friends, New Girl, and Gilmore Girls. These shows have strong female characters that pave their own way and make some bold fashion choices in the process. My personal favorite, Girl Boss, is the reason I wanted so many vintage pieces (and some flared jeans.) So, kick back and have fun watching these shows!


When I hear preppy, I think of vacationing off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard or having coffee on the Upper East Side. While these things are still considered preppy, I think today’s definition is more “classic” than anything. If you aren’t easily swayed into trying new fashion trends or are more concerned with the longevity of your wardrobe, you should probably watch the following shows. Just like a nice pair of jeans or leather purse, you want a TV show to last long after it goes off the air.

My recommendations are Gossip Girl, 90210, Riverdale, and Vampire Diaries. These are all shows you’ll want to watch over and over again as if it was the very first time you watched it. You are in for the long haul and your timeless style is a testament to this. So, get ready to be in a long-term relationship with these shows!


Last, but certainly not least, is edgy. If you prefer to not play by the rules and step outside the box when it comes to fashion, then your Netflix choices should reflect that too. You’re all about nontraditional ways of presenting yourself and probably own a lot of dark colors and fun accessories. You want a show that’s going to throw some curveballs and give you an addictive storyline to buy into.

I would recommend watching Criminal Minds, Bloodline, Stranger Things, and Once Upon a Time. All these shows are binge-worthy and are known to kill off (or bring back) your fave characters with short notice. Just like your style, you can’t put these TV shows in one specific category.

I hope this article was helpful, but honestly, all of these shows are binge-worthy and worth your time, regardless of how you define your style. So, grab some popcorn because it looks like you’re going to be busy for a while!