Your Guide to Getting over Brangelina

September 20, 2016. I woke up expecting to start my day just like any other. My normal routine consisted of catching up on the news, something that, on this particular fateful morning, I wished I hadn’t. The headline that caught my attention and made me nearly choke on my breakfast was something unheard of. Brangelina, is no more.

After over 10 years together, Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause. While the rest of the world is asking “What went wrong?” I’m one of the many few who is trying to cope with this sudden loss of the belief in true love. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and I went through five major phases before finally realizing that maybe, just maybe, not all is lost.

1. Are you sure?

Check all your sources, and make sure it’s true. Sometimes, the title could just be nothing more than a rumor floating around. Eventually, it gains enough attention to have a life of its own and blow up into a panic inducing world war three disaster. Which unfortunately, it is.

2. Notice that although the sky is dark with thunderstorms...

It’s not a dreary day for everybody. Some people in the world remain happy. In their bubble, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and they are on top of the world. No one is going to ruin the glorious days that lie ahead and at this very moment, they might very well be planning world domination...we see you Jennifer Aniston. 

3. Call all your friends

And be prepared to hold the title of the bearer of bad news. It’s no easy task. I know from firsthand experience. You might be yelled at, some might be in denial, others will burst out in tears, and you might even have to switch roles and be the shoulder for them to cry on. In the end, connect with the fact that you’re all going through this together. Maybe even throw a little get-together and break the news over some pizza, but who knows? Maybe breaking the news over the phone is your best bet.

4. Question if True Love really does exist

Gone are the days of Bennifer, TomKat and Zanessa. With a heavy heart, Brangelina is added onto the list of couples who stars didn’t align in their favor but should be together anyway. These household supercouple nicknames were the very definition of love and with each one breaking up, a little piece of your heart chips away.

5. Rejoice!

Okay... so maybe I’m being a little dramatic because it’s not really the end of the world. There’s still love in the world; True Love is still going strong. From Bey-z and Kimye to the Posh and Becks, the fire of love never dies out. With their help, the world will recover, and I will believe again.

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