You Know You're A Gator Girl When...


Hey Collegiettes! You know you're a Gator Girl when... 

... You have more orange and blue in your wardrobe than you’d like to admit.

... Your 21st birthday sign made only made sense to you and your closest friends.

... Gameday starts at 8 a.m., even if kickoff isn't until 7 p.m. (Yes, that's Ryan Lochte on the left).

... Every trip to campus results in a battle with scooter hair (and you've probably lost). 

... You’ve taken a picture at Cantina with a Gator basketball player...

... You run stadiums in hopes of seeing the football team leaving the weight room.


... Rain boots and shorts are always okay.

... You’ve spilled a trenta passion fruit Tazo tea in Carleton Auditorium while you were sitting at the top.

... You see at least three Gator athletes in line at Chick-fil-A each day.

... Ryan Lochte heads to Midtown more often than you do.

... “Studying” at Library West really just means you’re scoping out the guys.

... Wearing frat tanks and Nike shorts or yoga pants around campus is socially acceptable (all of the time).

... You meet your new best friend on the Later Gator at 3 a.m.

... You live on the Chipotle diet -- Chipotle on Mondays, Tijuana Flats on Tuesdays, and Chipotle every other day of the week.

... Singing “We are the Boys” gives you goose bumps. Every. Single. Time.