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Women’s History Month: Endless Empowerment

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

If you didn’t know that March is Women’s History Month, then you’re not alone. Most of the people that I have asked about their knowledge of this month greeted me with looks of confusion and surprised realizations that a month to celebrate women actually exists. Although this might sound disappointing, those reactions perfectly reflect the reason as to why a month to honor women was first initiated. Women’s contributions throughout history have long been swept under the rug and barely spoken of in schools and politics, which sparked the declaration of March as the official month for women’s history.

Despite 2018 being in its first few months, women have already been making revolutionary strides in every field. Most notably, the #MeToo movement has continued to  shed light on the discussion of sexual harassment in the workplace, making it an extremely hot topic of social discussion.

Here are just a few women who you can help you celebrate this month of female empowerment.

1. Oprah

With a very influential platform in Hollywood and an inspiring story, Oprah will give you just the right amount of motivation to strive to be your best. Her outspoken personality and her involvement and dedication to the #MeToo movement makes her a key figure in modern women’s history.

2. Malala

Malala’s survival alone can inspire us to be as courageous as her and stay dedicated to the fight for women’s rights to education and social agency. Malala’s receiving of the Nobel Peace Prize at the tender age of 17 and her continued activism on girl’s education in under-developed countries is a perfect illustration of achieving your goals no matter how young you are.

3. You

Whether you’re the empath of your friend group and always need a shoulder to cry on or you already have your 10-year life plan mapped out, we all have characteristics that make us unique,strong women. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, adding to the diversity of the world as a whole, yet everyone is individually irreplaceable.

Continue learning about yourself, appreciate your successes as well as your failures and use them as a driving force to become an even better you. As college women, it can be very easy to lose yourself in the midst of the everyday chaos of life while dealing with classes, friends, and organization responsibilities. Take some time this month and find out what makes you a great woman.

This month let’s also all choose another woman to celebrate, whether it’s a celebrity, a family member or a friend because we can all find that one woman who inspires us, pushes us forward and makes a mark in the lives of others. Don’t let this be the only month you give women the recognition they deserve, but also be aware that women, across all ages, are a powerful contributing source in every aspect of our societies, and they have always been.

“Women’s history is women’s right-an essential, indispensable heritage from which we can draw pride, comfort, courage, and long-range vision.” – Dr. Gerda Lerner