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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

When I heard flipturn play for the first time I was taken aback — a group of young-college students absolutely killing the stage with a hard-to-miss, confident presence and the talent to back it up. Self-described as an indie-alternative band with influences from genres across the board, flipturn just celebrated their two-year anniversary. The Fernandina Beach natives all met in high school, including their two female bandmates and UF students, Taylor Allen and Madeline Jarman.

Allen (synth) is a first-year student studying public relations and Jarman (bass) is a second-year studying telecommunications with a minor in education.

Allen and Jarman went to different high schools but that wouldn’t stop their friendship from blossoming. They bonded and connected through a local community service club where their teacher encouraged them to meet.

“We both thought each other were so cool and we wanted to be friends but we didn’t know how to approach it,” said Allen, “I DM’ed [Jarman] on twitter.”

Allen was the final component to flipturn. Jarman invited her to rehearsals, this was before they even had a band name, and she naturally fit in. The band has been through changes in their music, ranging from a soprano sax solo in one of their first songs to the jammed-pack set they have today. They continue to change as they grow together and try new influences from their individual tastes in music.

“After our first show at a real venue, The High Dive, it was addicting, we wanted to play more,” said Jarman referring to when she knew flipturn was going to become something.

For Allen, it was after a Relay for Life performance just before their first High Dive show. “I had never really played this kind of music before and my parents hadn’t seen us… when we got off the stage I knew I wanted to keep doing it,” said Allen.

To me, Allen and Jarman are women that are going to change the music scene. They are smart and talented and prove that women can be more than just the lead singer. They also exemplify the motto of women encouraging women. They stand up for and support each other through the band and in life.

As women in music they have had to deal with some people who are hesitant to believe in them, but they don’t let it slow them down.

“Don’t be intimidated… take risks and if this is what you really want to do go for it” said Jarman.

“It could be easy to get deterred… but you have to prove any of your doubters wrong” said Allen.

They’re still getting used to fans asking for their autographs after shows and buying their music, but they’re enjoying and taking in every moment.

When asked to describe each other they their faces lit up. They both agreed that they compliment each other and they couldn’t imagine the band without the other.

Photo Credit: Tali Ursel

“Madeline is so dang sweet, when she’s on stage she doesn’t come off as shy or timid, she’s full-on rocker chick that is so sure of herself,” said Allen, “and then when you meet her she’s so down to earth and friendly. And she loves cats.”

“Taylor in one word is ‘sunshine’, she’s so positive and loves the outdoors and yellow,” said Jarman, “she’s super friendly and outgoing, we even each other out.”

“We have so much in common, our personalities are different but in a good way, it’s a good balance,” said Allen.

“I love her,” said Jarman.

Other members of the band include Dillon Basse (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Adrian Walker (drums) and Tristan Duncan (Lead Guitar).

Photo Credit: Cassandra Kuhn

My favorite song by them is titled Hypoxia. Be sure to give them a listen and follow flipturn on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp and Twitter.

flipturn is releasing a new single this month and will be performing at this years Changeville Music and Arts Festival on Feb. 9 at 9 p.m. at the High Dive. They were selected to play because of their mission to promote a safe scene for everyone to enjoy concerts. flipturn will also be performing at Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, March 1-4, after winning the Destination: Okeechobee competition.

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