#WomanCrushWednesday: Lily Collins

Admit it: We’ve all envied her eyebrow game at some point. Yes, today is Wednesday, but we crush on Lily Collins every day. Let's gawk at the woman crush she truly is.

She simply embodies every girl’s dream hair day and eyebrow status. Share your secrets with the entire class, Lily. Please and thank you.

Her pristine and proper way of carrying herself makes us all feel inadequate and unworthy of her presence.

She pulls off an up-do better than one could even fathom possible.

Not only is she my hairspiration for every haircut I’ve received since 2011, but she also has a perfect personality to back it up.

Her complexion rivals that of a newborn half-angel baby.

I know it’s redundant, but have you seen her eyebrows?

Overall, this woman crush toys with our emotions more than our 20-minute long relationship with our first love in seventh grade.