#WomanCrushWednesday: Jessica Williams

As the youngest correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jessica Williams is witty, intelligent, gorgeous and relatable -- an all-around flawless human being. Her bits on the show always kill, and we aspire to have half of her sense of humor and confidence. How do we love Jessica Williams? Let us count the ways...

That time she schooled us on the atrocities of institutionalized racism.

The other time she explored the injustice of workplace sexism.

When she opened men’s eyes to the misogyny of street harassment.

And the ridiculous prevalence of gun violence in this country.

Because she knows when she just shut it down.  

Or that episode in which she tackled the sensitive topic of campus assault.

Or that time she made sure to not crush our childhood dreams.

When she broke down multinational politics with an analogy we could all understand.

Or when she took over the show for 20 whole seconds.

Jessica Williams: professional bamf.