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#WomanCrushWednesday: Jennifer Lawrence

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Just like Katniss stole Peeta’s heart in The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence has stolen ours with her charming wit and confidence both on and off the screen. Her incredibly versatile roles not only showed us what a great actress she is, but also proved her persistence in becoming a more experienced actress. But besides the fictional characters she plays, JLaw’s personality makes us all want to be her best friend. If Buzzfeed called her “Master of the Universe,” it must be true, right? Here are some reasons why we’re lining up to be this gal’s newest best friend.

She knows how to mend a broken heart.

She’s a huge supporter of body love, in all shapes and colors.

She rocks the one-piece like no other.

She’s got a couple tricks on how to snag the man of your dreams… or maybe just one.

Shooting a bow and arrow is a piece of cake.

Forget acting; she’s got so many other talents, like this handy one.

Who doesn’t have fist fights with themselves while on air?

She’s not afraid to speak the truth.

And she makes falling in a gorgeous dress while walking to receive your award utterly graceful.

Plus, she beat Meryl… end of story.

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