Winter in Florida: Expectation Vs. Reality

With Thanksgiving break quickly passing by and the month of December already in our midst, it’s safe to say the winter season is almost here. For collegiettes who are new to the UF campus, this is an exciting time of the year as everyone patiently awaits the beginning of “cold” weather. Not to say that the temperature won’t eventually take a turn toward the cold — I have vivid freshman year memories of some horrible 23-degree weather. The truth of the matter is that Florida will be Florida. Basically, don’t get your hopes up for experiencing a true winter season here in the ‘ville. Even in northern Florida, winter just means a less-hot version of hot. Here are just a couple of ways that our expectations for this winter season are sure to fall completely short of the realities.

Expectation: Boots, sweaters, jeans, jackets and scarves. Basically a complete wardrobe change.
Reality: On some days it’ll get cold enough during the day where you can wear leggings without feeling like you’re about to have a heat stroke. While there might be instances in which the morning temperatures are slightly colder, you’ll regret layering on all those sweaters and jackets by the afternoon when the weather will be back up to its 75-degree glory.

Expectation: Hot chocolate and pumpkin spiced lattes — something extra hot to keep you warm on your daily trek to class.
Reality: If you’re drinking a hot Starbucks latte on your way to class, you are invincible. For most girls, the walk to class happens in the afternoons, right at the prime time of the daily heat wave. Drinking a latte on your way to class basically means that you’ll be a big sweaty mess by the time you reach your destination. Do yourself a favor and keep hydrated with a cold iced latte.

Expectation: Wearing beanies while snuggling up with your friends making some s'mores over a bonfire to keep you nice and toasty.
Reality: Hitting up St. Augustine beach or your local pool is pretty much never out of the question here. The good thing is that you’ll get a full year’s use out of your very cute Victoria’s Secret swimwear, basically ensuring you’ll always have a sun-kissed glow.

Hair and makeup
Expectation: The crisp air and lack of humidity will make this the perfect weather for spending that little bit of extra time on your hair and makeup because it’ll be the first time in months it will actually last all day!
Reality: Been there, done that, and as much as this pains me to say, this is not the truth. The truth is that it will be hot. It will be humid. And heck, it might even rain. Unfortunately with our hot Florida weather, it seems we can’t enjoy the biggest perk the winter season has to offer considering we have 100 percent humidity all year long. So long, perfect hair.

It really is true, collegiettes. Winter is just an extension of the summer season here in Florida. Oh well... I can’t say my tan and I are really complaining.

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