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Winsome Warbles: (Somewhat) Guilty Pleasures


Hey there, Collegiettes!  I hope your midterms are over (or almost over). Whether you’re still hitting the books for a test next week or celebrating the end of studying, the theme of this week will fit your mood very well: Michael Jackson and Madonna. Considering my parents were both in college in the 80s, I am surprised that it took me until last semester to find MJ and Madonna so appealing. Both are remarkable in their own ways: MJ for the astounding success of Thriller and Madonna for so skillfully adapting her image. Because of this, both artists have managed to stay relevant for three decades.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

If you haven’t experienced any of MJ’s music, the best place to start with is his bestselling album. If, for whatever reason, you enjoy listening to songs on an album out of order, I’d say start with “Thriller” even if you have heard it before. I also recommend watching the music video, and I never recommend watching music videos. After you catch your breath, let the CD play through “Beat It” and keep dancing. The next song that I recommend listening to is “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin',” which I guarantee will be stuck in your head for eons. Personally, this song has been in my head since I had the idea of recommending MJ. After those three songs, enjoy some more great music by letting the CD play through. The entire album is fairly perfect for jamming out in your seat or cramming for that upcoming chemistry midterm. 

Madonna’s Like A Virgin

Even if you don’t recall hearing this song (or any off of this album for that matter), I can assure you that, at some point, you probably have. This year’s ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ used a cover of “Dress You Up” in the promotional video and mostly everyone has heard “Material Girl” at some point in time. I have even heard a Muzac cover of “Material Girl” at the grocery store! My personal favorite on this album is “Dress You Up,” so if you want to listen to the album out of order, start there!

Collegiettes, don’t be worried if you have the sudden urge to moonwalk across your living room or apply too much hairspray. I have discovered that both of these are reasonable side effects of listening to MJ and Madonna. Enjoy!

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