Why You Should Make Mejuri a Part of Your Jewelry Collection

I am strong believer of how jewelry can make all the difference in an outfit. In fact, jewelry can increase your confidence and emphasize your natural beauty. I know that whenever I am wearing one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, I feel like a complete boss babe. However, finding good jewelry is easier said than done. One of the hardest parts is finding long-lasting and good quality pieces that won’t completely break your bank — but look no further. Mejuri is an up-and-coming company that has achieved all of these things and more.

Mejuri is a wonderful brand that makes luxury jewelry that you can wear every day. According to Forbes, Mejuri is Toronto-based (Thank you Canada, we love you and Trudeau!) and was founded in 2013 by a former art director Justine Lançon andformer engineer Noura Sakkijha. Lançon and Sakkijha are producing products for women to reflect their individual personality, daily agenda and goals. The brand drops new pieces every week of the year and attract recurrent female clientele.

While Mejuri is definitely still pricey for a college girl like me (who’s used to buying $4 jewelry from Forever 21), Mejuri's jewelry comes at an incredible price for the quality. Mejuri does not have the traditional 10x markup, and instead it sells directly to you. Mejuri also works with jewelers to get high quality and enduring materials – including precious metals, genuine gemstones and ethically sourced diamonds. Mejuri’s mission is “to have women embrace a daily dose of luxury.” The company works with jewelers in both Toronto and Seoul and its sales are done exclusively online to avoid traditional retail markups, but there are also showrooms in New York City and Toronto that allow you to see their products in person.

According to Forbes, Sakkijha and Lançon “[Hope] to create a trend of women buying jewelry for themselves rather than be[ing] gifted (or waiting for men to buy jewelry for them). We aim to make jewelry part of women’s everyday life just like they think of their shoes and bags — exciting stats around this is that 89 [percent] of our transactions are done by women!” 

RealVentures and 500 Start Ups are investors in Mejuri. Mejuri has surpassed over a million dollars in two years and reports 20-30 percent of monthly transactions are from returning customers.

I can personally attest to how amazing their jewelry is. I have three pieces from Mejuri and I wear them almost every day. I bought my first piece almost a year and a half ago. Since then, I’ve bought two more pieces. I am an incredibly stingy person when it comes to buying pricey items, so it speaks volumes that I keep going back. The three pieces I own are the:

1. Sapphire Choker

The sapphire choker was my first purchase from Mejuri – it definitely started my obsession. The sapphire choker is set with a AAA quality white sapphire and made in gold vermeil: a thick 18k gold layer on sterling silver. This necklace fits so well, and immediately makes me feel like a queen when I wear it. It’s small enough to wear for all occasions and layer with any other necklace. The charm is a classic and elegant addition to any outfit.

2. Lotus Studs

The lotus studs are an amazing addition to your collection of earrings. I like to wear them in my first holes as a statement piece, but they also work beautifully as second-hole earrings especially if you pair them with hoops. The earrings have three AAA quality white sapphire stones and are made in the gold vermeil. These earrings are by far my favorite pair that I own, and I have worn them to a ton of major events – senior prom, graduation and countless other times. These earrings are the perfect medium size, they’re small enough where they are still considered dainty, but show up beautifully and clearly in pictures. 

3. Starburst Necklace Black Spinel

The starburst necklace is made in the gold vermeil and with a genuine black spinel stone. The necklace also comes in white sapphire. This is a necklace that I wear every single day. I haven’t taken it off since the day I got it (which definitely isn’t recommended.) This is a dainty necklace that sits right on your collarbone, and I feel like it’s the perfect statement piece to any outfit. The necklace has a distinctive charm that immediately draws the eye. You can wear it with a casual t-shirt or a striking two-piece set, and it’s an incredible, versatile piece. 

Mejuri not only has amazing products, but it has an incredible customer support team. I lost one of my lotus studs at a party and later direct messaged Mejuri on Instagram the very next day. The account replied with a personal coupon code for me that essentially allowed me to buy a new set of earrings for half the price, meaning all I had to do was buy the earring I lost. This way, I know I had three of the studs in case I lost another and could avoid paying for two new earrings (they only can sell their earrings in sets). I feel like most companies would never respond and never go out of their way to create such a fair and personalized deal.

Each piece of jewelry comes in beautiful packing and includes a jewelry box, artsy postcard, handwritten note and jewelry bag for safekeeping. Even the cardboard box the jewelry is shipped in comes with the signature “ooh la la” quote on the inside. I am definitely a sucker for the aesthetic.

If you’re looking for an amazing new brand to buy distinctive, long-lasting pieces of jewelry, Mejuri is an amazing choice. I can gladly say I will continue to buy from and support this startup that follows ethical sourcing and makes luxury accessible for women everywhere. Thank you, Mejuri.