Why We’re Pumped for Gator Basketball, as told by The Office

With all of the football excitement (No. 11, baby!), it’s easy for forget that basketball season is just around the corner. But it is, so get excited! This season kicks off on Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. at the exhibition game against Palm Beach Atlantic right here in the O’Dome. Mark your calendars, collegiettes, because it’s going to be one heck of a season. Here’s why we're super pumped for this season, as told by the cast of The Office.

I present to you, our leader.

There’s a new coach on the block — Michael White. He took over the head coach job this year after Billy Donovan left and became the head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Coach White has game.

He’s spent the last four seasons at Louisiana Tech, having his team go 101-40. That's pretty freakin' impressive, if you ask me.

Coach White knows the SEC.

He played at Ole Miss and was an assistant coach for them.

Coach White is the “perfect fit.”

Our athletic director, Jeremy Foley, has high hopes for the new coach. Floey said White is “a perfect fit" and that he's convinced "he wins big."

The recruiting class is dank.

ESPN ranked the top recruits for the upcoming season, and we've scored three of 'em. Welcome to the Gator Nation, guys.

We have a lot of stellar players.

Remember the team in 2013-14 that made it to the Final Four? Those freshman and sophomores are still here, and they have what it takes.

Gators thrive on being underrated and overlooked.

We are predicted to place third in the SEC. Our football team entered the season unranked, and now we're among the top teams in the county (and climbing). This is the Gator Nation, so you should expect the unexpected.

Can you tell we’re excited? Get ready to cheer on those Gators and raise the roof! We can’t wait for basketball season to start.

Photo credit: wikimedia.org