Why I Love Organizing My Spotify Music Playlists

Although I am not a musician, I am as dedicated to music as a lead singer.

I could not imagine a day going by without listening to music.

If you ever see me walking around campus, my headphones will be in my ears.

Whether I’m working out at the gym, need a reason to get pumped up, doing homework or am lying in bed feeling stressed, music is what gets me through my day.

That means Spotify is my go-to application on my phone. 

To those who don’t use Spotify, you’re truly missing out.

While I can listen to thousands of songs on other apps, nothing quite compares to Spotify. 

Spotify is a streaming service app that utilizes a social media concept to benefit its users.

I can gain followers and follow others on Spotify. Moreover, I can follow specific artists, albums and playlists.

Whenever I’m craving a certain type of music to fit my mood, I know Spotify can provide me with unique playlists.

One of my favorite obsessions with Spotify is my organized playlists.

Although I enjoy following and listening to other people’s playlists for inspiration, I love creating my own, personalized playlists.

Depending on my mood, what time of the day it is, or where I am, I have a playlist for just about everything.

Here are some of the playlists I take the most pride in and when I listen to each one.

  1. 1. Pump Up

    The name of this playlist speaks for itself.

    Whenever I need to get pumped up, this playlist does just the trick.

    Although it tends to be more randomized than some of my other playlists, it contains some of my all-time favorite songs that automatically make me excited and put me in a good mood.

  2. Whenever I’m feeling nostalgic, I can always count on this playlist to put a smile on my face.

    Given that I was (and still am) a dedicated Disney and Nickelodeon fan as a kid, I love to remind myself of that time in my life through music.

    Whether it’s endless Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana tracks, this playlist always reminds me that I’m a kid at heart.

  3. 3. Car

    The only thing I love more than music is listening to music on a long car ride.

    Having a good car playlist can make just about any drive enjoyable.

    This playlist consists of rock, pop, hip-hop and just about every music genre.

    I often listen to this playlist while walking to class or hanging out with my friends.

    Whenever I press play, I immediately feel like I’m on a road trip.

  4. Everyone should personalize a playlist like this.

    This playlist is a more condensed selection of some of my all-time favorite songs.

    After listening to songs on repeat, it’s easy to get sick of them.

    However, this playlist consists of all of the songs I never get tired of listening to.


  5. 5. 2000s

    I’m always proud to be a 2000s kid, and my taste in music really shows that.

    Growing up, I always wanted to be in a movie that played an All-American Rejects or Fall Out Boy song.

    Listening to my 2000s playlist makes me feel like I’m part of the end of a movie.

I couldn't imagine not having my Spotify playlists.

I absolutely love having personalized playlists, and I know exactly when I’m craving a certain one.

However, I also love listening to Spotify playlists listed on the browse page.

I love searching for new music through different categories and genres.

Moreover, another one of my favorite components of Spotify is that there are playlists made for me by Spotify based on what I listen to.

Music truly has the ability to change my mood in just a second, and that’s why I don’t go a day without listening to Spotify.