Why Epcot is Better As an Adult

Like a typical Floridian, I’ve been to the Walt Disney World parks more times than I can actually count. Some of my fondest memories were taking random weekend trips to see Mickey and Minnie. While all the Disney parks bring out your inner child, Magic Kingdom always felt like home. Maybe it was the abundance of ride options or seeing Cinderella’s castle up close; it was always the park that felt most like Disney. As I’ve grown up, I’ve decided to take a step outside of my Disney park comfort zone and explore what the others have to offer, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Epcot is better as an adult.

Epcot was at the bottom of my list for years. I just felt that it had nothing to offer besides a magic-looking golf ball sitting at the front entrance. I’ll now admit I was wrong, and here’s why you should consider it the best, too.

All the food and drinks

Once you turn 21 and visit a Disney park, your life will be changed. I recently went to Epcot's Food and Wine Festival, and my entire day consisted of me jumping “country” to “country,” tasting dishes inspired by the rest of the world. While the drinks were mostly samplers, they certainly packed a punch and left me so full that I didn’t think about food for a couple of days. Half the fun of visiting Epcot is trying to decide what you’re going to eat next and then wondering if going back for seconds makes you seem ridiculous.

Just the right amount of rides

At Magic Kingdom, there are too many rides and way too many small kids running around. At Animal Kingdom, there are not enough rides, and I certainly won’t be waiting in a line for 4 hours to ride Avatar Flight of Passage. Epcot has just the right amount and a good variety, from fast-paced rides like Test Track, to a slower-paced cruise with The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

Appreciation of cultures other than your own

While I still believe that Disney capitalizes off of some people’s sacred cultures, at least they are also bringing awareness to their park goers by letting African, Hispanic and Asian cultures be on full display. Through the souvenirs and the cast members who work behind the counters, the “countries” allow for people who may not be aware become aware of other cultures, even in a small way. 

While all Disney parks are great, maybe you should explore Epcot a little more as an adult – mostly because the drink options are endless.