Which Friends Character You Are Based On Your Favorite Coffeehouse

Coffee is a staple in many people’s lives, especially students, so hanging out at a coffee house to study, catch up with friends or just have a good ol’ cup of coffee is a common occurrence. As you know, your favorite “friends” are also coffee lovers.

Drawing from my extensive Friends knowledge, I have determined which coffeehouse chain, besides Central Perk, of course, each friend would most likely love. Just another way Friends can be so relatable.



If Starbucks is your go-to coffeehouse, then you’re most like Rachel. With higher prices and fancy drinks, this is definitely where Rachel would be. If you go to Starbucks, most likely, all of your friends go there, too. I must say, Starbucks is pretty basic, but it is a great place to chat about the latest town gossip over an $8 Venti Frappuccino, if you’re into that.

Dunkin’ Donuts


If you aren’t on Team Starbucks, then you must be on Team Dunkin’. Most people are on one side or the other, just like Rachel or Ross. So naturally, if you’re a Dunkin’ fan, you are most like Ross. Dunkin’ Donuts is basically a cheaper, less-hyped version of Starbucks. Much like Ross, Dunkin’ is much more low-key and almost never disappoints--keyword being almost.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


If your favorite kind of coffeehouse is one that serves both quality coffee and tea, like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, then Monica is the friend that is most similar to you. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a popular coffeehouse on the west coast. It is not quite as basic as Starbucks (again, sorry to all you Starbucks lovers), but it is still very popular and expensive. I can see Monica here mostly because of the tea aspect (for some reason, I imagine that Monica would love tea).



This may be one of the more obvious ones, but if your favorite coffeehouse is McCafe, then you are most like Joey. McCafe is quick, cheap and easy, without the hassle or “fru-fru” that comes along with ordering coffee at other places. Also, I don’t see many people ever studying at McDonald’s, so Joey should fit right in.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea


With a plethora of vegan options, Peet’s coffeehouse would definitely be Phoebe’s favorite. If you are into good quality dark roast coffee with vegan options ranging from vegan PSL’s (yes, you read that right) to vegan mochas with vegan whipped cream, then Peet’s is definitely for you. Since Phoebe is a big animal advocate and a vegetarian, I can definitely see her fitting in with the vibe at Peet’s.

Local coffee shop


As a kind of random and goofy guy, I can imagine Chandler just hanging out wherever the nearest place is to get coffee, so most likely a local coffeehouse (like Central Perk). If you’re favorite coffee comes from a local mom-n-pop shop, then you and Chandler are probably the most alike. Just remember to make jokes at inappropriate times, and people wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

Well, there you have it! Those are all the Friends characters and where they would spend their days drinking coffee, if they were real, that is. If only Central Perk were a real coffeehouse, I know where I’d be. Maybe one day it’ll become a reality.


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