What Your Coffee Choice Says About You

When you’re settling in at Library West for a long night, there’s nothing more comforting than having a cup of coffee next to you. It’ll be your best friend, your pick-me-up and your sip of sanity for the next few hours while you cram for tomorrow’s exam. Whether you’re drinking an iced latte or a foamy cappuccino, your choice of coffee says a lot about you. Here’s a breakdown of what your preferred caffeine fix tells the rest of the library inhabitants about you.

Black coffee: If you’re drinking black coffee, you’re getting down to business. You’re probably hunkered down in the basement of Marston Science Library because being on the third floor of Library West would be too social. You’re probably studying for some ridiculously challenging course, but if you’re drinking black coffee, you’re smart enough to handle it.

Green tea: Green tea soothes the soul. If this is your beverage of choice, you’re like a superhuman who can still get energized without the hyperactive kick of coffee the rest of us addicts need. You’re probably studying outside at a bench on Plaza of the Americas, possibly for a test in World of Water or another earthy class. Whether in its hot, cold, latte or Frappuccino form, people drinking green tea always seem to be more calm, cool and collected.

Cappuccino: If you’re sipping a cappuccino, you know your coffee drinks well. You’re probably returning from a semester abroad and longing for those strolls along the cobblestoned streets of Italy or bustling roads of London once again. You appreciate the finer things in life, such as drinking a shot of espresso with perfectly foamed milk. Drinking a cappuccino means you have sophisticated taste in both coffee and in life.

Iced coffee: If you’re drinking an iced coffee of any sort, you’re probably like me: the girl who just wants to order her Venti iced coffee with sugar-free vanilla syrup and drink it without feeling judged. I understand you! Iced coffees usually have more milk and sugar than actual coffee, but they are delicious nonetheless. If you’re drinking an iced coffee, you might be the type who walks to class wearing an oversized shirt and Nike shorts or goes to the library to mostly lurk on Facebook. Either way, you do it while drinking an iced coffee.

Regardless of what you drink, coffee can hint at your personality. Sip wisely!


Photo source:www.thepioneerwoman.com