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What Song You Should Listen to From the Euphoria Soundtrack Based on Your Mood

If you have access to HBO Max and a love for high school television shows, then my guess is you’ve seen Euphoria. To the fans out there, it’s safe to say we probably all wish we had Maddy’s statement-worthy outfits, Kat’s unmatched sass, Nate’s ability to make the whole room look his way and Jules’ show-stopping makeup. To those who have yet to see an episode of this iconic show, know that it is not your basic high school series with a typical best friend love triangle. Euphoria is much more deep, graphic and unapologetically raw than any other show I’ve seen.

On another note, Euphoria stands out because of its unique production and music. Every song has the ability to somehow match the exact mood of the scene. What makes many of these songs so perfect is that an album was created specifically for the series by Labrinth, the music legend himself who has a voice like no other. Even the songs with little to no words hold the power to make you feel as if you are a part of the scene. If you haven’t seen the show yet, you are likely to recognize many of the sounds from infamous TikTok trends. After I finished the one season, I immediately wished there was more, which is why I quickly started listening to the soundtrack. Whether I’m on a walk or need background music while I’m getting ready, there’s always a song from the show to match my mood. Because the wait for the second season will be a while due to COVID-19, I know I’ll continue to listen to the soundtrack to keep myself busy in the meantime.

Here’s how to properly listen to the “Euphoria” soundtrack and know which songs fit your mood.

On a rainy or chill day: “Still Don’t Know My Name”

The beats of this song are truly incomparable, going from steady to beat-drop worthy, all while keeping a chill vibe. Moreover, these beats make for the perfect combination with Labrinth’s soothing voice that turns into ear candy belts at the chorus. The tone of “Still Don’t Know My Name” makes for the perfect lazy day song and will remain stuck in your head for days (no complaints).

When you need an energy boost/already have a lot of energy: “Nate Growing Up”

Labrinth’s soft voice still manages to make this rather upbeat and rough-like tone so enjoyable. The beats continuously change yet remain natural throughout the entirety of the two-minute song. “Nate Growing Up” always knows how to make me feel more hyped up. This is the type of song anyone would feel satisfied by after blasting it in their headphones.

When you’re looking for a new go-to song: “Forever”

Without a doubt, this is my favorite song on the album. “Forever” is truly the epitome of Euphoria. Labrinth pulls off yet another hit song with his soothing melodies that go perfectly with the catchy beat. At any point of the day, you can probably find me listening to this on repeat and not getting tired of the song.

When you’re looking for a song to match your late-night mood: “Formula”

“Formula” reminds me exactly of how I feel right before bed when I’m not fully tired. It has such a calm rhythm that can always put a smile on my face or my mind at ease. If you’re looking for a soothing song, then “Formula” is calling your name.

When you’re looking for a song to put you to sleep: “Arriving at the Formal”

With basically no words, this song does the trick to help you close your eyes. Even with just simple harmonies, this song is the definition of music to your ears. With a constant, yet relaxing beat, “Arriving at the Formal” should be next up on your queue.

When you’re searching for the feeling of power: “All For Us”

Music has the special ability to make us think or feel a certain way, and sometimes people can gain that extra ounce of motivation or power from a song. “All For Us” is unlike all of the other songs on Labrinth’s album because this song incorporates other voices as well. Labrinth and Zendaya are the vocal combination I didn’t know I needed. Any Euphoria fan can probably admit they were rooting for Zendaya’s character Rue throughout the season. Hearing Labrinth and Zendaya come together mixed with the voices of a choir made for the perfect closing song of the season.

Whether you’re happy, sad, excited or nervous, there’s a song waiting just for you on the Euphoria soundtrack. Now channel your inner Cassie, get your headphones out and start listening.

Jolie Freedman is a Sophomore at the University of Florida and is from Melville, New York. Jolie is working towards achieving a Bachelor of Arts in journalism with an outside concentration in marketing. Jolie has a passion for storytelling and digital media, and she places a heavy emphasis on the importance of social media. Jolie is also a campus trendsetter for Her Campus Media and an ambassador for the College of Journalism and Communications. Aside from her journalistic involvement, Jolie enjoys skiing and art. Jolie's inspiration to join the Her Campus community stems from her involvement as the Print Manager and Staff Writer/Editor for her high school's newspaper.
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