What It's Really Like to Live in a Sorority House

Sororities get a bad rep. Thanks to movies and TV shows, sorority houses are usually thought of as either the ultimate party scene or a place filled with a bunch of stuck up girls where drama is always present. This could not be further from the truth. Since August, I have been living in my sorority’s house, and it has been absolutely the best decision I’ve made since coming to college.

No, there aren’t parties at the house.

First of all, contrary to popular belief, parties are definitely not thrown at sorority houses; in fact, parties aren’t even allowed there. If that were to ever happen, the chapter would be in a bunch of trouble and likely put on probation or kicked off campus.

The drama, if any, is very minimal.

Honestly, I think the only thing we ever “fight” about is who ate all the food in the kitchen, or if someone is in the shower for too long. Besides that, which really doesn’t count, there is never any sort of negativity in the house. I’m also very lucky to be apart of a sorority that doesn’t have much drama in general, so that also helps.

Boys are not allowed upstairs...technically.

As part of the sorority’s rules, which, keep in mind, are extremely traditional, boys are not allowed to be upstairs. I think this rule stems from the fact that the bathroom doors upstairs are usually kept open, so it might be awkward and slightly inappropriate if there are guys up there. This rule also means guys aren’t allowed to sleep over...for obvious reasons. Even though guys technically aren’t allowed to be upstairs, it has definitely happened before. I’ll just leave it at that.

I’ve become even closer with my sisters.

The reason why I wanted to live in-house in the first place was to form even closer bonds with my sisters, and that is exactly what happened. Last year, since I didn’t live in-house, I did not spend as much time at the house because it was kind of a hassle to get there. This year, since I live there, I am basically forced to spend time there (which isn’t a bad thing), and as a result, it’s been easier to hang out with people all the time. Whether it’s hanging out watching TV downstairs or getting ready to go out together, we are constantly with each other.

It’s truly my home now.

Living in a dorm last year never really felt like home, but this year is much different. There is something about living in an actual house, even though it is with 50 other girls, that makes me feel so much more comfortable. Aside from being surrounded by everyone I love all the time, living in the house is such a different vibe from the dorms. And don’t even get me started on our amazing house mom. She has definitely become my second mom. She would do anything for us, like order pizza after game days, and she keeps a bowl of candy in her room (which is always filled may I add).

Overall, living in a sorority house has been absolutely amazing, so much so that I have already committed to living in-house next year as well. To anyone considering living in their sorority house, my best advice is to go for it. You won’t regret it.


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