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What It’s Like to Have a Dog in College

About three weeks ago my only roommate got a dog. But wow, your mom wasn’t kidding when she told you they were a lot of work! Luna, my dachsund and chocolate lab mix, was timid and afraid at first. She was always shying away from people and trying to remain as far out of the way as possible. But with week three starting, that is no longer the case. This is the evolution of Luna: then and now — as told by GIFs!

She had the cutest face. She would just lie there staring at you with these beautiful, big eyes.

Luna soon warmed up to my roommate and I. She started cuddling and always wanted to be around us.

Then she became curious. She was constantly pacing back and forth, back and forth all around the apartment. She was smelling everything, and she was finding as much as she could.

By the end of week two, she was really playful. She was destroying everything she could get her mouth on! Demolished items to date: five chew toys, two pairs of sandals and one set of earrings.

Despite her path of annihilation, she had the puppy dog face mastered, and we were weak to her doggy powers!

When we first got Luna, we thought she was potty-trained, despite being a puppy. She had been fostered before, as my roommate had gotten her from the The Alachua County Humane Society, and she had no accidents that first week. Well, that wasn’t exactly true… there have been three accidents to date.

A guy friend was over, and he gave her some tough love. My roommate and I were powerless suckers to those saucer eyes!

I almost forgot the first morning after we got her! Ahhhh, Monday mornings are truly glorious, especially with the not-so-quiet background noise of dog whining!

She’s made us more social, though. Whether it’s Swamp's Barktoberfest Yappy Hour or friends coming over to hang with her instead of us, she’s made us quite popular. Pro tip: dogs gets you twice the likes on Instagram ;).

And how could I forget the poor cover on the couch? RIP. Luna has shredded it to pieces. “Welcome to my lovely abode. Please, feel free to sit on the clawing tree.”

But no matter what trouble Luna finds, she makes you fall in love with her over and over again.

Dog’s suck you in with their fluffy fur and adorable personalities... then they destroy everything you own. Still, we love them anyways. If you’re thinking of getting a dog, please make sure you can give it the time and attention it deserves, as well as the love it needs. None of these examples were made up or exaggerated. Be prepared to literally have a child. If you do decide you can handle a dog, though, they are your best friends and will be there for you no matter what.

Writer's note: In the process of writing this article, Luna ate my roommate's string from her sweatpants.

Maxine Grossman is a second-year Public Relations major with a concentration in business at the University of Florida and is so excited for the opportunity to do what she does best for Her Campus UFL: write about fashion. When Maxine is not staring at Pinterest fashion boards or wandering around shopping, she can be caught eating sushi, devouring cups of coffee and tea, or munching on some delicious macarons. Besides writing for Her Campus UFL, Maxine is also an active member of UF’s Panhellenic life and enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, and painting.
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