What It Feels Like to Head Into Summer Courses at UF

Spring semester is nearly over, and that means summer has finally arrived! For many of us, that means we are heading into a time of relaxation, a time to unwind from school and just enjoy life. But not for me. I will be staying at UF to complete summer courses. This is what it is like to stay behind to continue with schoolwork while everyone else gets to go home.

First, you are so excited because summer is almost here!

Then you remember you don’t get to go home.

But that’s okay. There will not be as many people here. That means more parking!

But that also means there will be not as many people to talk to.

Well, you have to accept it. You have already signed up for the courses.

Now that means you have to start getting ready for summer term.

Which means returning all your old books, then getting news ones.

Then printing off all the new syllabi.

And looking for weekends when you can drive home.

But, it’s UF, and we Gators always manage to have fun!

Enjoy your summer, ladies!

Photo Credit: University of Florida Institutes