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Vincent Castellano ’18


This week’s Campus Cutie is a freshman who’s ready to take on all that UF has to offer! Ladies — meet Vincent Castellano!

This 18-year-old stud is from Tampa, FL, and is majoring in accounting. His favorite show to watch after class is The Office and he loves pepperoni pizza. Vincent’s favorite holiday is Christmas, and if he could have any superpower, he said he would want to read minds. “You’d have an advantage in every conversation,” he added. He also said that if he won the lottery he would want to save, donate and get a new car, phone and computer. His most embarrassing moment ever happened over this past summer. “I sadly lost a bet… which led to me being locked out of my dorm with only underwear on,” he said. As for any wacky talents, Vincent is ambidextrous. He can use each hand equally when playing any sport.

Vincent is single as of right now. If he were to take someone on a first date, he loves to go for dinner and a movie. Vincent’s ultimate celebrity crush is Emma Watson.”Because seriously, who doesn’t love Emma Watson?” he added. The most romantic thing he’s ever done for a girl was make her dinner at his house, but for Vincent, learning how to cook was a struggle.

Even though he’s only a freshman, Vincent is determined to get involved on campus and go far in his career.  He is currently pledging Delta Tau Delta fraternity and wants to get involved with several business-oriented clubs later this year. After graduation he wants to find a job in Florida and make some dough. His dream job is to be the general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “Even though they are downright terrible most of the time, I still have hometown pride,” he joked. Vincent’s favorite quote is “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take,” which was originally said by Wayne Gretsky. “I believe in always trying, even when your chances of succeeding are slim. You still have a chance,” Vincent explained.

On campus, Vincent likes hanging around Turlington Plaza or the Reitz Union, but says he somehow always ends up in the library or dining hall. We’re sure you’ll be seeing this Campus Cutie doing big things around school in the next four years! Be sure to keep your eye out for Vincent Castellano.

Kelly is a sophomore studying telecommunications and English at UF. She is the Campus Cutie writer and couldn't be more excited for her first semester on the Her Campus UFL team! Kelly is an avid traveler, coffee lover, and Netflix junkie. She is also a member of Delta Zeta and a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. Kelly spent her summer at WWSB ABC 7 as a digital media intern. She hopes to one day produce and write for television in a city like New York or Toronto.
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