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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

For the Long-Term Relationship

When trying to figure out what to get for someone you have been dating for a while, it is best if you choose something sentimental. Pick an inside joke, memory you have shared or something you love about your girlfriend or boyfriend and stem from that – or combine all three and put together a framed collage of ticket stubs from places you guys have traveled and pictures of you both.
For the Crush


As cliché as this gift may be it gets the point across while ensuring he will have a smile on his face. Wouldn’t you be flattered? If you are feeling a little daring you can include your name and picture; however there is nothing wrong with sticking to the “secret admirer” approach.
For the Guy Best Friend

If there is one thing history has thought us about boys, it is that they love food. If you decide to celebrate with your guy friends, do something laid-back but still honoring the occasion. Boys love pizza and nothing describes Valentines better than hearts, so why not make the ultimate combination?
For the Girl Best Friend

Best friends deserve love too, so why not show your friends how much you care by combining two things girls adore: candy and flowers. This an easy craft to make: fill a jar or vase with Sweetheart candies, attach flowers cut out of foam to pixie sticks, and stick the hand-made flowers in the vase. Ta da!
For the Sorority Sister

When we think of Valentines Day, the first things that come to mind are teddy bears, chocolate and candy. One idea is to give your sisters a stuffed teddy bear, panda or your sorority’s mascot embellished with your Greek letters. Other options include the official flowers of your sisterhood and scrapbooks with memories from the past year.
For the Family

This is a holiday to express love, so remember the ones who are closest and dearest to you. You can easily put together a candy basket for your mom, dad or siblings. Come on, you know you miss the cheesy valentines we all got in elementary school. Family is full of the only people who won’t judge you for attempting to bring those cute sayings back…they will actually really appreciate being remembered.
For Yourself

If you decide you’re not big on the whole Valentines Day idea, there are other ways to spend the holiday. Think about how much money you’ll be saving on chocolate and flowers and take it as a day to spoil yourself. Go to the spa, get a mani/pedi or treat yourself to that pair of pumps you’ve been eyeing at the mall. Not sure where to go? Check out Spa Royale located right next to Oaks Mall. http://sparoyale.net/index.php