The Ultimate 'Black Panther'-Inspired Lookbook

I recently saw Black Panther, and it was a work of art. I’ve always been a fan of Marvel movies, and I think Black Panther was one of the best of the franchise. Not only is this movie action-packed, but it provides a lot of fashion inspiration, too. I’ve highlighted looks based on four characters from the movie.


T’Challa is the prince of Wakanda, but he’s better known as the Black Panther. I won’t spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it. Being Wakanda royalty, he sports regal outfits when he’s not protecting Wakanda as the Black Panther. You don’t need a black one-piece to steal inspiration from the prince. You can wear a fun black romper, black booties, a fun necklace that looks like the Black Panther’s and a fun jacket. You won’t be invincible in this outfit, but you’ll look just as good.


Shuri is Wakanda royalty as well. She lives to torment her older brother, T’Challa, even if he is the Black Panther. She’s a #girlboss and is always coming up with a new invention or new technology to help her brother or her country. When she’s not sporting a lab coat, Shuri has a very modern and polished style. You can take some inspiration from our favorite Wakandan princess with a sweet white dress, platform sandals and statement earrings.


Nakia is a charitable Wakandan and is always looking to help others. Throughout the movie, you root for her and T’Challa to rekindle their love. Nakia is always dressed in earthy tones and layers when she’s helping mankind. Recreate her natural look with an army green swing dress, oversized cardigan, slides, a scarf and fun earrings.


Okoye is the leader of Wakanda’s all-female royal guard squad. She’s always down for protecting her country, and she looks good doing so. You can get some style inspiration from our favorite Wakandan warrior with a long sleeved maroon top, black skirt, chunky heels, gold necklace and fringed earrings. Wielding a spear is optional in this outfit.

There you have it — four looks inspired by the most notable Wakanda residents! If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it — you won’t be disappointed.