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UFashion: Thanksgiving Attire


Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends and gorge to your heart’s delight on turkey with all the fixings. Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving differently; however, you should always look stylish no matter which party you attend. Here are some Thanksgiving scenarios and appropriate outfit ideas:

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time: I recommend a simple, yet classic dress. Try a slick-shift dress in a seasonal color like pumpkin or cinnamon. The looseness of the dress hides your stomach when it’s time for seconds. Incorporate some spice into your look and wear animal print heels or flats.

Touch Football: Wear casual clothes that don’t stain easily. I’d wear jeans and a casual neutral toned sweater with a colored scarf and flats. Flats are easy to kick off when it’s your turn to be QB in the game.

Casual Gathering: Casual means comfortable. Pair an oversized sweater with leggings. Pop on some fun bangles and earrings to dress up the look. Add wedge heels if you want to get fancy, if not wear boots. This is the perfect ensemble to curl up and take a post-Thanksgiving nap.

Early Black Friday Shopping: Leaving from Thanksgiving early to get a jump-start on Black Friday? The key is comfortable but cute. You have to move around in these clothes but you also want to look nice enough for an evening spent catching up with relatives. I recommend a cotton top with some kind of embellishment, jeans and boots. Accessories get in the way when bargain shopping, the shirt embellishment will serve as the accessory.

The perfect outfit is one that’s comfy enough for everything you’ll be doing on Thursday, playing football, impressing relatives, driving to Grandma’s, lying on the sofa, or fixing the Thanksgiving feast. 

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