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UFashion: LBD

Bonjour mon petit fashionistas! Hopefully y’all enjoyed your summer sojourn and are ready to dive into a new semester of fashion. With your freshly toned muscles, sun-kissed skin and beach-waved hair, you are prepared to pull off the most iconic look of the century: the little black dress. Originally created by Mademoiselle Chanel herself, the little black dress is timeless. LBD’s were seen as Parisian poverty in Chanel’s time; however, today the little black dress is a part of Americana and has morphed into a worldwide symbol of wealth and style. Epitomizing the modern women of the 1920s, a little black dress is essential to any modern-day woman’s wardrobe.

Slimmer women should shop for a stealthy LBD. Hem just above the knee, a subtle V-neck and curve-hugging silhouette. This twenty-something woman can cover up with a blazer for work or add a pop of color with some fun jewelry for a cocktail party that evening.

Curvy women should shop for a synched waist LBD with a structured fabric. Try to find a dress that has a belt to enhance your hourglass figure. The structured fabric works well with the stability of the belt hiding any tummy lines. I also recommend cap sleeves, for women with larger arms or women that have a masculine frame; the cap sleeve hides your broad shoulders.

Dress a LBD up for a party with diamonds or dress it down with some Ray-Ban sunglasses and a pair of ballet flats. Either way, you can do no wrong — the LBD is class at its finest.

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