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UF’s Future Cake Boss: Melisah Miller

For Melisah Miller, baking is not just a small hobby, it’s a passion.

The senior anthropology major has been baking since she was a little girl. Miller has no formal training but she is able to make treats like the professionals.

“I started around the time I was in elementary school. Nothing fancy, just your normal cookies and cupcakes,” Miller said.

She was inspired to start baking by her godmother Marilyn McIntosh.

“She was THE baker. Everyone would go to her for their baked goods,” she said.

Miller started to get more creative with her baking when she got to college. She would experiment with different cake flavors and designs while baking with her friends.

The creative baker said, “I like designing things, so to know that I could transform a cupcake into anything I want it to be, like creating a mini burger out of a cupcake, is awesome to me. Not only does it look cool but it tastes yummy. What could be better than that?”

Miller enjoys baking because it relaxes her.

“Baking is a stress reliever for me. You have to be really patient when it comes to creating the different kinds of goods that I make, they take a lot of time and require calmness,” she said.

She doesn’t have anything particular that she likes to bake.

“It's hard to choose a favorite, but if I had to choose it would have to be cupcakes. Mainly because I can make all of them different if I wanted to,” Miller said.  “Anything that is abstract is fun to me.”

Miller hopes to be able to open a bakery and ceramics studio one day. She also wants to open up an art studio where children can come and participate in arts and craft activities as well.

“Something like Color Me Mine,” Miller said. 

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