TV Time with Tranelle: Fall Season Comebacks


Summer really does feel empty in one way and one way only: almost all of our favorite TV shows take a break and now all our summer free time was spent watching reruns instead of new episodes. Now the wait is almost over, as our favorite Fall tv shows are finally making their comeback. Our TV schedules are gonna be filled to bursting with all the shows returning this coming month, so here is the rundown on the most anticipated ones and what to look forward to once they're back on.

Netflix’s “Big Mouth”

Big Mouth is returning to explore all of our traumatizing preteen memories.

Netflix officially announced that the unconventional original animated comedy Big Mouth will be returning for a second season. The series follows the lives of Nick (Nick Kroll), best friend Andrew (John Mulaney) and friends through an exaggerated, yet honest telling of middle school life while going through puberty. Throughout the first season the three stars experience preteen growing pains on an unimaginable level as they deal with the dreaded hormone monster and monstress.

As most of us can attest, the hormone monstress in our lives don’t ever go away we just do a better job of keeping them calm. However, every college-aged individual can look at their middle school life and think of an embarrassing moment when the universe just wasn’t on our side. These are four embarrassing and enlightening moments from puberty that I hope to see covered in season two.

  1. The tampon/pad secret smuggle - It’s no secret that girls get their period, but for some reason when we’re young it feels like we’re the only people on the planet with it. Due to raging insecurity and fear, we turn into secret agents when it’s time to go into the bathroom and change.  
  2. Women’s intuition - Although it may not be embarrassing, women’s intuition is still a scary topic when you’re younger. The idea that you just know something because you have a gut feeling seems crazy, but it’s true. Women are born with a power of foresight and once you embrace it, you can sense snakes, liars and cheaters a mile away.
  3. Developing your “womanly figure” - In puberty terms, developing is the moment you wake up and your favorite jeans from sixth grade don’t fit anymore even though you swear you didn’t gain any weight. The new body you’re in throws off your confidence and generally makes you an awkward person as you adjust.
  4. Body hair and shaving- One thing you will never get over is the day when society told you that you that the hair on your body isn’t flattering. Thus, your battle with shaving began and so did your tally on the number of shaving of burns you get almost every time. 

NBC’s “The Good Place”

*warning spoilers ahead*

They may not have been in the good place, but the cast is still trying to figure out what it takes to get there.

NBC’s hit comedy The Good Place is coming back for a third season. The series starts with our lead Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) dying then learning she is in the Good Place. She quickly realizes that she didn’t make it on the right end of destiny due to her controversial past. Eleanor experienced multiple mishaps as she tried to learn ethics from her given soulmate Chidi (William Jackson Harper) and not get caught by her new friends or Good Place Architect Michael (Ted Danson). After experiencing all of the triumphs and trials and having the ‘real Eleanor’ show up, the cast along with Eleanor realize that they’ve actually been in the bad place the entire time.

As the show entered the second season, the characters found themselves struggling to keep the secret that they know their true location. However, the team gets caught and they must take multiple tests to try and prove they are now worthy of going to the real good place.The powers that be decided the only way for the ragtag group of four to prove that they’ve really changed without outside influence is to send them back into to the real world before they died.


Now that the show is entering its third season fans of the show, like myself, have a lot of questions that we hope to get answered in the newest episodes.

  1. Is this another form of torture or will the actually be able to go to the good place?

  2. Will we meet who’s in charge of the good place?

  3. Will Chidi and Eleanor have an actual chance at love?

  4. Will ever get to see what the actual good place looks like?

  5. Are Janet’s feelings toward the group programmed or somehow genuine?

Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween

As many know, Freeform, which was once ABC Family, updated the usual 13 Nights of Halloween to 31. This news means that instead of 13 nights of Halloween or fall themed movies in October, there will be a movie for every day of the week. While the news of multiple movies may be great, there are a few select favorites that most of the general public care about the most.

Here are a few of the most important dates and times remember during October. Courtesy of the Freeform schedule:

* movie will play more than once during the month

Monday, Oct 1

5pm/4c ParaNorman

7:10pm/6:10c The Nightmare Before Christmas *

8:50pm/7:50c Hocus Pocus *

12am/11c ParaNorman

Wednesday, Oct 3

9pm/8c Monster House *

Thursday, Oct 4

9pm/8c The Addams Family *

Saturday, Oct 6

2:50pm/1:50c The Haunted Mansion *

Freeform Premiere 9:45pm/8:45c Maleficent *

Freeform Premiere 11:50pm/10:50c Warm Bodies

Sunday, October 7

Freeform Premiere 8:40pm/7:40c Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street *

11:20pm/10:20c Dark Shadows *

Monday, October 8

12am/11c Clue (1985)

Saturday, October 13

7:25pm/6:25c Disney•Pixar's Monsters, Inc. *

9:30pm/8:30c Disney•Pixar's Monsters University *

Sunday, October 14

Freeform Premiere 8pm/7c Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic *

Freeform Premiere 9pm/8c Hotel Transylvania

You can find the full list online at Freeform’s website.

With all these thrilling TV shows and movies on the way, it's not a question of if we'll watch, but how we'll fit them all into our fleeting study breaks this Fall.