The Trendiest Boots for Fall and Winter

Everywhere you look, you see pictures of gorgeous trendy boots. True, it’s still hot in Florida, but I’ve noticed the nights becoming breezier and the days becoming a little less scorching hot. This means it’s time to get your credit cards out, ladies, and go shopping. The good news is you don’t even have to leave your room to buy the latest styles and trends in boots. It seems like just about every email I get from boutiques and stores is advertising the latest styles in boots. And there’s a style out there for everyone! Brown boots, black boots, tan boots, tall boots, short boots, flat boots, heeled boots, embellished boots, riding boots...the list of styles and colors is endless. Here are some of the trendiest boot styles for this fall and winter.

Over-the-Knee Boots

This sexy style is all the rage this year. From runways to fashion blogs to online boutiques, this distinct look is everywhere. Its style possibilities are endless. You can match them with a casual t-shirt dress, or dress up a pair of jeans. This isn’t a style that will break the bank either. True, you can find over-the-knee boots from all the designers on the runway, but you can also find them from online boutiques such as Hope’s.

Duck Boots

Duck boots are perfect for both chilly weather and girls on the go. They are the perfect mix of outdoorsy fashion and a trendy style. They are timeless shoes that have been popular for decades. Now, they come in a variety of colors and styles. You can find duck boots lined with fur for those chillier days, or you can even buy monogrammed duck boots from places such as Marley Lilly. These boots can be worn on rainy days or days when you want a look that is both classic and cute.

Lace-Up Boots

These boots are making a huge debut this year in regards to glamour and style. In the past, I’ve seen lace-up boots of the chunky variation and styles that weren’t really my thing. Now, lace-up boots have gotten a makeover: slimmed down and sexier than ever. These are the perfect going out boots. The styles in suede are perfect for fall fashion, have a chunky heel and lace up the front usually to somewhere near the knee, giving you a peep toe look. These boots are great for fall because they have breathability and won’t make you as hot as other styles will. They are trending in boutiques and high street level designers, but you can find them on the runway as well.

Riding Boots

Riding boots are the boots that I personally think are worth splurging for. These are boots that can be paired with literally any outfit and still look gorgeous. From work dresses, to jeans, to mini skirts, the possibilities of matching these boots with the perfect outfit are endless. I now have three pairs of riding boots from Tory Burch in all different colors: that’s how much I love these boots. I wear them to class, out to dinner, even to the bars at Midtown because once you break them in, they fit perfectly and look amazing. I’ve had a pair that I even got re-soled because I wore them so much. You can find riding style boots in nearly every store you look. From Michael Kors and Tory Burch to Chanel and Gucci to Steve Madden and a variety of boutiques, they are everywhere.

So, just because you live in a state that is summertime all year round, doesn’t mean you can’t buy the cutest boots! Get ready to go shopping, collegiettes, the new endless wardrobe possibilities you’ll soon have will thank you!

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