The Top 5 of Paris Fashion Week Looks

Paris Fashion Week witnessed a distinct variety of styles.

The Spring 2020 collections displayed many eye-catching themes, making it hard to choose favorite looks, but here are a few worth mentioning.  


  1. 1. Multicolored crochets

    Michael Kors and 3.1 Philip Lim are a few of the designers that reintroduced crochet clothing on the runway during New York Fashion Week this past September.

    The trend has not died off, as it finally reached the runways of the final fashion week in Paris.

    This crochet top from Altuzarra’s Spring 2020 collection opting to use this trend for spring and summer looks.

    The multicolored piece matches with striped trousers of the same colors.

    The different patterns seen in the top piece and bottom piece give individuality to each item.

  2. 2. Pinks and whites

    Off-White’s runway comprised lots of looks following a strictly pink and white theme.

    Bella Hadid strutted the runway in a layered high-low dress, eccentric in its pink glory. White details were visible on the torso, straps and even on the layered fabric in the back of the dress.

    They completed with white strappy heels that contrasted strongly against the brightness of the pink perfection.

  3. 3. Minty

    Fashion weeks tend to give rise to every season’s trendy colors.

    Paris Fashion Week was where mint became an outfit favorite.

    Christian Wijnants’ runway saw quite a few looks of this color.

    Patterns were already “in” this year, but rather than the typical animal print dominating the fashion world last year, Wijnants’ runway had strong, vibrant colors and mint was the star of the show.

    In the outfit on the right, the mint color was outlined with black, giving off a scaly effect.

    Subtly included were white and red pieces, making it much more striking.

    The left outfit used mint-colored trousers and purse to contrast well against the simple white top.

  4. 4. Floral caps

    Nina Ricci’s runway this past week was diverse as it ranged from dark neutral pieces to bright spring and summer looks.

    Accessories were a focal point in the outfits, but the floral caps stood out the most amongst the rest.

    Floral swim caps were very popular in the 1960s but Nina Ricci re-birthed this trend.

    Now, we can use this headwear outside of swimming pools and even with dress shirts and slacks.

    The floral heaven is added on a cap of the same color as the flowers, making even the simplest outfits more character.

  5. 5. Neutral embroidery

    Dior Spring 2020 collection followed a similar theme in most of the looks.

    The catwalk saw many neutral-colored dresses of all fabrics embroidered in matching soft thread.

    The peasant-like dresses had a bohemian twist as they were see-through.

    Dior matched with straw hats and lots of hand jewelry that complemented the soft color palette of the outfits.

Which of these runway looks did you like the most?