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The 3 Types of Lingerie Every Woman Needs in Her Back Pocket

I’ll be honest. Lingerie is not something I considered a wardrobe staple until I began working at Victoria’s Secret in Gainesville’s Oaks Mall this past summer. Being surrounded by lingerie every day, I realized just how essential and empowering it is in every woman’s wardrobe, including my own. Like every type of clothing, lingerie has different levels of frill? Or embellishment? and sophistication that can be adjusted according to situations. Not only do I think every woman should have lingerie in her closet, but she’d get the most use out of three different kinds: a type to wear with a hook-up, a type to wear with her partner and a type to wear for only herself.

Not to worry if you don’t have any lingerie! After you read you will know enough to build a collection all your own. It does matter which style of lingerie is sorted into each of the three categories, so I will be pulling examples from my own closet to highlight why each type of lingerie works in each situation.

The other day, my co-worker and I discussed that it felt weird to wear fancy lingerie just to hook up with someone you are not in a relationship with because it can appear planned. Therefore, for a hook-up situation, I recommend keeping on hand a matching bra and panty set. This way, nothing looks too planned, but you will still feel confident and sexy in your pieces. You can wear simple lounge clothes or a t-shirt on top, while still allowing your self-expression to shine through your undergarments.

I personally have four different matching sets, each one a different level of fancy. My favorite set is my matching beige blush leopard Incredible Wireless Push-Up Bra and Incredible Thong Panty set. It is both cute and comfy! Your matching set does not have to be fancy at all and should help you feel comfortable. You could wear a simple black bra and black panty, as long as you feel confident and coordinated.

Wearing a matching set helps me feel confident and in control of the situation during a hook-up. Have you ever seen those TikToks that say, “He thought he was using me for sex, but I was wearing a matching set?” I think we women can all get a good laugh out of that. Overall, a matching set allows us to feel sexy during a hook-up and is a great way to get compliments in the bedroom. And yes, I have been complimented on my matching sets before.

I prefer to save the more dramatic and expressive lingerie for a partner who I trust and with whom I want to connect. You can go all out with your lingerie and use it as an expression of your true sexual self. You can never go wrong with a good babydoll or teddy when wanting to dress up while staying in with your base.

My personal favorite teddy is the Wicked Unlined Balconette Teddy. I love it so much that mine is currently displayed on my at-home mannequin (but that is because I do not currently have a partner)! You can choose a color for your teddy to express yourself, and it can double as a going-out top (though you may want to add pasties underneath). Teal Star and Neon Peony are next on my list to purchase and would make for a good fit if you are feeling a bold and vibrant vibe in the bedroom. I suggest turning on neon LEDs and letting bae see your colors shine through.

The Pleated Babydoll is another steamy option for a night in with bae. It’s a little dress and thong lingerie set with energy that is both classy and seductive at the same time. The dress comes in Lipstick, Black, Coconut White and Neon Peony, so choose your poison for yourself and the occasion. Never be afraid to spice things up with your partner by bringing out bold and beautiful lingerie from your closet.

If you ever need to realign with your inner sexiness, it never hurts to sleep alone with you, yourself, and a sexy satin PJ set. Going to sleep with my Berry Blush Draped Back Jacquard Cami Set makes me feel like a sensual queen. Who needs a significant other when you can admire your sexy self in the mirror before bed?

Of course, Victoria’s Secret is not the only place to splurge for your sexy self-expression. Some other businesses and online boutiques for intimates include Rosalie Wynne, Portugal-based Colie Co and Anya Lust, a Black-owned business started by a poet-turned-designer.

Ultimately, your lingerie should be an expression of yourself. It’s a type of clothing that you can keep just for yourself or share with lucky others. Take it from someone who helps women pick out lingerie every day, keeping it around as a wardrobe staple has allowed me to better embrace my sexiness with confidence.

Thea Miller is a junior at the University of Florida majoring in English with a creative writing focus. This is her second semester as a Features Writer. She has a background in dance and theatre, and now loves using writing as her main creative outlet. Previously having tried her hand in writing short stories, novels, lyric poetry, and screenplays for her own personal enjoyment, she is excited to be a part of this supportive and empowering platform that is Her Campus UFL where she can share her words with the world. Traveling is her favorite form of recreation and the most enthralling place she has gone thus far is Stockholm, Sweden. After college, she plans on attending graduate school to further develop her craft of screenwriting.
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