The Target Experience: Nail Polish, Chevron, and Magic Mike


Hello ladies! My name is Melissa Guerra, and I’m a Target-a-holic. Yes -- if there were a "Target’s Anonymous," this girl would most certainly be in the front row. Target and I have a love/hate relationship. I love everything in that darn store, and that’s exactly why I hate it. I can never walk out of Target without making a purchase. Even if I walk in with a list of things I “need” the list slowly acquires more “needs” as I walk around the store.

My past purchases, I will say, have been quite great. But then again that’s coming from a girl with a serious Target addiction. This blog will be my way of sharing the fashionable, useful, and/or fun things I find at Target with all of you. So here are some of the recent products I have been enjoying:

Essie Nail Polish

I will say I was super surprised by the extensive Essie collection Target has to offer. Seriously, how cute are these colors? When I realized Essie was sold at Target, I bought four bottles on the spot -- I won't lie, I'm not even embarrassed. But, really, how was I supposed to resist that? Definitely stop by the nail polish aisle and check out the collection next time you're at Target. There trendy colors every time I go, including Gator blue!

Color names (left to right): Bordeaux (my current fave!), Lilacism, Not Now, Sand Tropez, Turquoise and Caicos, Ballet Slippers (perfect neutral shade), and Butler Please.


Chevron Blouse

Unfortunately for me, the clothing section of Target is visible from the entrance of my local store. Of course, every time I go I just have to make a quick stop before I do anything else. I recently found this Chevron top, and I am still obsessed with it! I love the navy and dark pink color combination. It has a cute little zipper in the back and some ruched material on the shoulders. You could wear it with dark jeans and boots when it’s cold or even shorts and wedges if it is warmer outside since it’s made of sheer light material. Sometimes the clothing section is a hit or miss, but this is definitely a hit!

Magic Mike

OK, does this really need an explanation? I mean just look at them! But in all seriousness, I always find great movies at Target. When some of my friends decide to have a girl’s night in, we usually make a quick Target run to pick out a movie. They have classics and new releases, which gives everyone a wide range to choose from. Accompany your movie with some popcorn, or candy or both! It's such a great option for just hanging out with girlfriends!

I hope you have enjoyed the first post of the Target Experience. I look forward to sharing my new, fun finds from one of my favorite places with all of you!