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The Target Experience: Beat the Chilly Weather with Cardigans and Cozy Socks!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.


Growing up in Florida, I’ve become accustomed to unpredictable weather—especially in Gainesville. Torrential downpours? Check. Hurricanes? Sure. But I am just not one for cold weather. I really hate it actually… and to think that when I first started the college search, I wanted to go to the Northeast-Hah! The one thing I do love about the cold weather, though, are the cute outfits that can be put together. Here are a couple items available at Target to get you through the chilly temperatures over winter break!

Embellished Cardigan Sweaters

I have become a big fan of cardigans lately, especially the super cute table full of them at Target I found on Black Friday. They are all perfect for this unpredictable weather—wear one under a jacket if it’s a little on the chillier side or just by itself with a tank top underneath if it’s just a little brisk! Some of them are just plain (always a good investment), but there are also a bunch that are embellished which will automatically dress up any outfit! I, personally, purchased a dark gray sweater with black sequin embellishments on the shoulders—I wore it with jeans, black boots, and a black jacket. I also purchased a deep red, Starbucks red cup-inspired cardigan with black jeweled embellishments across the collarbones. This one is adorable, and absolutely perfect for the holiday season! I plan on wearing it with a black skirt, black tights, and black boots for a dressier look, or, of course, simply pairing it with jeans for a casual outfit.

Style Hint: if you are a little bit confused about how to accessorize, embellished cardigans are P-E-R-F-E-C-T for you! Dressy enough to not need jewelry, but casual enough to not look overdone!

Cozy Socks

I have recently become obsessed with the Target socks—they are cute, comfy, and of course, affordable! Okay so this may seem silly, but, in my defense, these Target socks literally have “Cozy Socks” printed on the label and trust me the label isn’t lying (I bought two pairs last time I was there-Yeah, I know, typical right?) They are thicker than normal socks, which make them perfect for this newfound cold weather Gainesville has decided to throw at its residents. These cute socks are great with boots or just with pajamas and slippers when you’re hanging around your apartment or dorm room. There are varieties of colors, textures, and lengths and for some reason fun socks like these just put me in a great mood! Special thanks to Melissa Morgan for letting me photograph her comfy, cozy, knee socks from Target!

Try and stay warm in the next couple weeks, Ladies, and pick up some cute embellished cardigans and cozy socks!