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Sustainable Fashion Just Got a Lot Easier

The concept of sustainable shopping entered my life quite recently. 

Before being exposed to the harsh realities of countless big brands, I was fulfilled by buying cheap, fast-fashion pieces; it gave me quick access to fleeting trends, and I never really saw the harm in that.

I’d buy a Forever 21 top, wear it once or twice, and then I’d get rid of it.  

I then noticed a decent amount of my favorite news outlets and influencers creating content surrounding the beginning of their sustainable fashion journey. 

I was inspired to test myself and shop ethically whenever possible. However, this was more challenging than I anticipated. 

Whenever I had the urge to go an on online shopping spree, I would look up the specific brand and see if there were any articles discussing where it fell on the sustainability spectrum. That’s when I came across the most incredible platform. 

Good on You is an app that gives power to the conscious consumer through the use of rating systems and encouraging articles. Having evaluated over 2,000 brands so far, this outlet makes the seemingly intimidating task of shopping ethically a little easier. 


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So much goes into creating an eco-conscious and morally good piece of clothing.

From work conditions to materials, there are so many factors to consider.

This app simplifies the research process by doing the hard work for you. 

On its website, the company wrote: 

“We know people care about working conditions, animal welfare and the environment, and we want to drastically decrease the effort required for people’s shopping baskets to reflect their values. Ethical consumption doesn’t have to be a niche activity. Good On You will make it a real option for millions of consumers around the globe.” 

A huge reason why many people don’t try to shop with the environment in mind is because it simply takes too much effort.

Finding out and determining whether a brand is ethical or not is an extra step that some aren’t willing to take.

With this app, however, all you have to do is type in the brand name and inspect the rankings.

Hopefully, this advanced form of media will encourage people of all demographics to take this next step towards a better planet. 

Growing up, Urban Outfitters was a staple of mine.

Naturally, I wanted to see if its clothing was still an option for my new lifestyle.

Good On You gifted them the rating, “Not Good Enough.” However, instead of just letting me know that it’s not sustainable, it also offers similar brands with significantly better ratings. 

It suggested that I try, ReformationKnow The Origin and more. 

Good On You has also succeeded in creating a community full of people with a unanimous goal. Committing to an ethical wardrobe has its frustrating moments, but platforms like these remind you that there is a collective effort and movement happening right now! 

(Also, Emma Watson uses this app, so you should definitely go download it right now.)


Madeline is a second-year Journalism major at the University of Florida. She loves rainy days, trips that revitalize your soul, and speaking up for what she believes in. She strives to use her voice as a catalyst for conversations about the female college experience and equality for all. See more of her life on Instagram: @maduhlinemurphy & more of her work at: www.madelinenmurphy.com
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