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Stephen Koepp ’12

Name: Stephen Koepp

Age: 20

Ethnic background: Cuban/German
Expected Graduation year: 2012

Relationship status: Taken
Desired relationship status: Taken
Major and Why: Advertising because it enables me to be creative and use digital media.

Hobbies/Interest: Music and athletics!  I always walk around my my iPod on and love to play guitar in my free time. I also enjoy football and playing on intramural teams.
Favorite TV shows/music/movies: The Office is definitely my favorite tv show.  Too many music genres and movies to name, so I'll go with Alternative Rock and Action movies.
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Alyssa Prats. She knows it ;)
Idea of Perfect Date: Doing something different like an ethnic restaurant or show, then grabbing some chocolate ice cream to go along with a late night movie.
Name one Unique or Interesting Thing About Yourself: I've been a diabetic since I was a baby and I have 3 older sisters.

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