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Stay In-The-Know With These 5 Email Newsletters

Staying up to date on all of the happenings within the news sphere can be a full-time job itself. I know there never seems to be enough time in a day to sit down and pour over news articles and keep up with breaking news. But have no fear, I have the perfect solution for this dilemma.

I subscribe to several newsletters that send me a rundown of everything that happened the day before in the news sphere. I find this incredibly helpful because I wake up each morning, brew my cup of coffee and sit down to read the newsletter that was sent that morning. Each news story is typically coupled with a short description, but if you wish to read up more on the topic, then the story is just a quick search away (or sometimes a link is embedded). Although I am only getting a small blurb of the entire story, I find that I can consume more news and stay up to date on critical stories.

The downside to these national and worldwide newsletters is that you might miss out on local happenings within your community. To remedy that drawback, I would skim through the websites of local media outlets to make sure you are educated on your local news stories. There are tons of options out there for newsletter subscriptions, but I compiled a list for you to check out. I currently subscribe to at least three of these subscriptions, and they have definitely made my life easier. Receiving a daily newsletter doesn’t eliminate the need to read news articles from various news outlets, but when you need a quick rundown of what’s happening in the world, nothing beats getting an informative email in your inbox. 

1. theSkimm

This media company created a newsletter called The Daily Skimm. This is what I receive each morning in my inbox. Each newsletter is meant to break “down the most important news you need to know to start your day.” My journey to subscribing to newsletters began with this daily email system, and I have not looked back since. Aside from an email in your inbox, this media company also uses YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and their very own app to keep their audience educated and informed.

2. Need 2 Know

As you probably tell from the name of this newsletter outlet, Need 2 Know jumpstarts your day with a email containing everything you need to know to stay on top of recent news stories. You can expect everything from politics to entertainment to sports to be all bundled up in this newsletter. This company began with two friends who sought to provide news in a concise and entertaining manner, and they have reached a large audience with their newsletter.

3. The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast offers several newsletter options, each with a specific topic or theme. The Daily Digest and Cheat Sheet newsletters are the best bets for being informed on critical news stories. Both of these newsletters are sent twice daily, so you will definitely stay informed with these two newsletters. Like many media outlets though, The Daily Beast expresses a bias in their coverage of events. It is important to be aware of bias, especially when it comes to the source of your news. The Daily Beast leans left in their bias.

4. Quartz

This news brand also offers quite a few options for newsletters. Their Quartz Daily Brief newsletter would be a great option to sign up for because it provides “the most important and interesting news from the global economy.” Although the brand markets itself as a business-driven brand with an emphasis on the economy, their newsletters include stories from all corners of the news sphere.

5. The Daily Pnut

This is a relatively new media outlet that packs a punch. This subscription is marketed as the “fastest, funniest way to find out what’s going on around the world.” Fusing humor with hard news is a sure way to keep you informed and entertained. This morning read is just another great choice to liven up your morning inbox while gaining some valuable information.

There are tons of e-newsletter subscriptions out there. You might have to do a little research to find the ones you truly want to sign up for, but these options are a great place to begin. In addition to some of these options, you might want to sign up for newsletters from your preferred news outlets such as CNN or Fox News. Many major news outlets offer newsletter-style emails that work in the same way as the ones mentioned.

If you find yourself not getting your fill of news and the happenings of the world, I recommend signing up for this type of resource –– it wouldn’t hurt to get some help with staying in the know. It definitely helps keep me in the loop even on my busiest days!

UF Class of 2021. Journalism & women's studies. Viviana Moreno is a writer and online creative dedicated to exuding warmth and promoting inclusivity. She creates content that fuels truth and curiosity through her contributions to publications that seek to empower and inform primarily college-aged individuals.
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