The Stages of Studying for Midterms

That time of the year is upon us — the time that college students everywhere dread: midterm season. It is a time characterized by sleep deprivation, dangerous levels of caffeine intake and an excessive amount of tears. Here are a few relatable moments that plague every college kid at this stressful time of the year.

With midterms around the corner, you start to ask your professors how much information is going to be on the test. Unfortunately, you’re not a fan of the answer.

You just don’t understand why cumulative exams aren’t illegal yet.

Getting yourself to study turns out to be harder than you thought.

Because you continue to tell yourself you’ll start studying tomorrow.

You face the reality of the situation — you have to go to the library.

At first, you’re proud of yourself for being responsible.

But then you hit a wall.

Staying focused is proving harder than you originally anticipated.

When you study for 30 minutes without being distracted by social media, you’re pretty proud of yourself.

You convince yourself that studying with your friends will be a good idea.

But it turns out you don’t accomplish too much…

Since you’ve lost their support, you rely on caffeine.

Your professor has no sympathy when no one knows anything at the review session.

And all the review session did was make you realize how much you don’t know.

*Cue the mental breakdown*

But you’re forced to give yourself an internal pep talk because your sobs are disrupting the tranquility of the silent floor in the library.

You put in one last attempt to learning this material because it’s the intelligent thing to do.

After camping out in the library for six days straight, you try to tell your friends it really did pay off.

But just to be safe, you take a few extra measures for peace of mind.

But then you look at the exam questions and recognize nothing… Is this even the right exam?!

And as you finish your last midterm, you’re just happy your brain didn’t internally implode.

With midterm season in full bloom, it’s time to accept the stress and mentally prepare for the inevitable misery that is about to overcome us all. Take a deep breath, and tackle those exams head on! Spring break is just around the corner. We wish you luck, collegiettes!

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