Stages Of The Semester, as Told by the Characters of Parks and Recreation

The middle of the semester might just be the most traumatic time of a college student’s life. Gamedays are less frequent, homework and essays start to pile up, and there are exams around every corner. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks are the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately for us, our current viewpoint only leaves us surrounded by pure darkness. Luckily, the characters of Parks and Recreation understand the struggle. Here are some thoughts that are sure to sound familiar to us all.

At first, the thought of going back to college was exciting.

You had so much to look forward to, like reuniting with all your friends...

... and being back on your own and out of the control of your parents’ house and rules...

... and social events with your favorite fraternities.

But somehow you managed to forget all the work that comes along with college.

During syllabus week, you go to some of your classes and realize these are not just going to work with your schedule.

So you take advantage of drop/add week and adjust accordingly.

You promised yourself you’d eat healthier this semester.

But it doesn’t take long for that promise to fall through the cracks.

After a solid four weeks of coasting through classes, the workload starts to build up.

But you just decide to pretend that this isn’t the case.

However, you soon realize this was the worst idea ever.

And you’re just like...

Of course all your midterm papers are due around the same time. The only logical answer here is to procrastinate and just crank them all out the night before they’re due.

Naturally, this affects the quality of your writing.

You have too many midterms to even count, so sleep becomes a thing of the past.

And this tends to make you more irritated than usual. The littlest things make you mad.

So, you just decide to avoid these annoyances by cutting out socialization.

And you’re okay with that because...

But this lack of sleep catches up to you, and you tend to make less logical decisions.

The middle of the semester brings a whole lot of this...

It takes your teacher an eternity to grade assignments, and all you want is to know if you passed your exam or not.

But when you finally see your grade you’re just like...

You have come to the realization that this grown-up lifestyle is just not for you.

Everything seems to be falling apart.

You try to just fly away from all your responsibilities.

When that doesn’t work, you decide to avoid said responsibilities by doing just about anything else instead.

Reality starts to strike and you start thinking about plan B when it comes to career choices.

You start to question everything at this point.

And you just end up psyching yourself out.

You decide to take on a new kind of rationale.

But then, you realize there are only a few more weeks until break. You can see a light at the end of this dark, long, almost endless tunnel that is college. And that’s really all that matters.

Don’t worry, collegiettes! Break is just around the corner. We can power through.

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