That’s A Wrap: A Royal Exit, Midair Emergencies & National Security Threats

Jan. 13

- Protests began in Iran after the country's Revolutionary Guard mistakenly shot down a plane.

- The Queen announced her support of Harry and Meghan's Royal exit.

Attorney General William Barr said the December attack on the Pensacola Navy base was an act of terrorism.


Jan.  14

- A Delta flight was forced to dump jet fuel over a school playground due to a midair emergency.

- The final Democratic debate took place in Iowa with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren facing off.

- Experts warned that dating apps may pose a national security threat.


Jan. 15

- House Democrats delivered the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

- A new lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein surfaced alleging that he ran an underage sex ring.

- Puerto Rico was hit with a 5.2 magnitude earthquake.


Jan. 16

- The FBI arrested a group of suspected white supremacists ahead of a gun rally.

- The New York Mets manager, Carlos Beltran, has been removed amid a cheating scandal.

- A plane made an emergency landing after an apparent engine fire.

- NBCUniversal unveiled a new streaming service.


Jan. 17

- The CDC plans to screen for a new mystery disease from China.

- The Grammys Leader, Deborah Dugan, was suspended after a misconduct allegation.

- Los Angeles teachers filed a lawsuit against Delta Airlines over the emergency fuel dump over a schoolyard.


Jan. 18

Prince Harry and Meghan were officially relieved of their Royal duties.

- Major winter storms swept the U.S. bringing chilling temperatures and snow storms.


Jan. 19

- Two officers died in a home shooting in Honolulu. 

- Puerto Rico residents were outraged at the discovery of a warehouse filled with unused aid from Hurricane Maria.